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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk with Lawrence Gonzalez about building a comprehensive wealth that builds a new family legacy.

In the pursuit of a good career, Lawrence’s net worth was a negative six figures. With hard work and plan that started with an embarrassing credit card moment in the store, Lawrence is pulling himself out of debt and has a positive, 6-figure net worth.

On top of that, Lawrence is using the lessons and experiences from his childhood to maximize every cent of his money through a variety of tools including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), 401Ks, rental income, house hacking, and more. 



  • How Lawrence moved from a net worth of NEGATIVE six figures to a POSITIVE six figures
  • The wake-up call moment that pushed Lawrence to take ownership of his money
  • The sneaky little financial habits that were destroying Lawrence’s money goals
  • The steps Lawrence took to start taking ownership of his money
  • How Lawrence ended up moving from an estimated $20,000+ salary to $64,000 in a year
  • The importance of mindset when you’re making financial moves for the better
  • The lessons and experience Lawrence used to help him today
  • Why personal finance should be about YOUR personal finances
  • What is a “Net-Max” plan?
  • Why we should prioritize our money to fit our definition of happiness
  • Finding ways to increase savings with the money you already have
  • How Lawrence is using rental income to fund his mother’s retirement  and change his family legacy
  • Lawrence’s secret strategy for real estate investment
  • The triple tax advantages of HSA’s




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