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We have another super inspirational debt free story that you're going to love. Our guest has done something that a lot of people want to accomplish.

She put herself in a position of power that allowed her to get rid of the student loan debt that was holding her back from all the things she hoped to do in life. Furthermore, she stayed focused and finished the race, despite all the negativity along the way.

On today's episode of the His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Ashley Brewster, who has another successful journey of debt freedom. She destroyed $19,226.32 in debt in just 13 months! 


  • How Ashley keeps herself motivated despite being busy working and studying.
  • How she continuously grows her knowledge of personal finance.
  • Her side hustles for extra income.
  • What keeps her motivated through negativity.
  • The biggest lesson she learned from her debt journey.



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On today's episode of the His and Her Money Show, a remarkable guest, Samuel Epley, has an incredible debt-free story that will surely inspire you to start or continue taking steps toward financial freedom. Samuel and his wife, Jessica, were able to pay off huge debts.

Jessica is a stay-at-home mom while Samuel works. Like any typical household, they had all types of debt and loans from credit cards, car loans, etc. which totaled over $65,300. They read books and listened to podcasts and audiobooks about money matters. They made a plan and took one step at a time to make their goal happen. They budgeted, cut down on expenses, and carefully monitored inflows and outflows.

Samuel emphasizes embracing tough moments in life and just keeping going. Through this, you are growing and learning at the same time. He worked several odd jobs, in the daytime up to 40 hours a week, and at night up to 20-25 hours. Focused on reaching their goals as fast as they could keep them motivated and not distracted by the people and things around them. The last payment day was perfect. They were so happy and grateful to finally be debt free. “You can't get somewhere incredible in life unless you're willing to sacrifice to get there,” says Samuel.

In addition, Samuel shares important tips to get good results. Stick to your goal and stay motivated, pursue people who have done what you're trying to do, stay off social media, read and listen to good things, read the Bible, and mingle with positive people. The couple's key goal was to find a mentor who could teach them how to build assets so they could walk away from their jobs in their twenties.


  • How Samuel and Jessica Paid Off $65,000 of Debt In 14 Months
  • The entire process of their debt elimination journey.
  • How they kept motivated despite a busy schedule.
  • Words of encouragement for people chasing financial independence.
  • The biggest lesson that Samuel learned through his journey.


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On today's episode of the His and Her Money Show, we have a young couple, Leo and Faith, who have an awesome debt-free story. This phenomenal couple is on a debt-kicking mission and is half-way to the finish line. They have paid off $115,000 of debt in 12 months! How? Listen to the episode to find out the strategies that they applied.

Faith is really passionate about debt freedom, helping people get out of debt and talking about finances. Leo is an occupational therapist, who loves to play basketball during his free time, and is passionate about sharing their story of hope. 

At first, Faith had a mindset of seeing debt as normal and planned to take care of it later. She bought all the things she wanted, the opposite of Leo. Leo, in fact, motivated her to settle their debts first in order to begin a family. They have figured out the purpose and vision of their marriage. Having financial conversations before they've got married helped them to address their goals early on.

Leo and Faith did some side hustling, spending almost all their time working and attacking one loan at a time. They have created a poster to visually see the flow of their debts and payments. Furthermore, they are treating it seriously and considering it as a kind of motivation. They are dedicated and are digging their heels in to get to the finish line.


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