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A couple committed to a debt-free journey is a force to be reckoned with…

In this “In the middle” episode, we talk with Walter and Latasha about the strategies and inspiration that helped them knock off $22,000 out of their $66,000 worth of debt within months. 



  • Why Walter and Latasha decided to make their debt-free journey a family affair 
  • The sacrifices Latasha and Walter made to stay on their debt freedom plan
  • Getting your spouse on board when you’re on a debt-free journey
  • Why April decided to sell her home (for a good profit) to knock thousands of dollars in debt
  • The big step Walter and Latasha took to save money while paying off debt
  • How to adjust your debt freedom plan with your pay schedule
  •  The mindset shift about debt that transformed how Latasha and Walter felt about the debt
  • The medical wake-up call that helped Latasha see the importance of having a back-up plan
  • The financial legacy Walter and Latasha wants to leave for their children
  • Walter and Latasha’s plans for the future
  • Finding opportunities to pay for your goals while paying off your debt at the same time
  • Dealing with emergencies and new bills on your debt freedom journey
  • Why your debt-free journey affects more than you



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When it comes to commitment in the debt-free journey, there is commitment...and then there is the April Wesley level of commitment.

This is the kind of commitment that led April to do whatever it took to kick debt out of her life. Whether that was selling her car and riding the bus until she could afford to buy one, adopting a zero-based budget and not going over that budget even if she only had $3.00 left for food that week.

In this episode of the His & Her Money Show, you will hear about the incredible “getting out of debt” story of April Wesley. 



  • The life-altering moment that made April become a debt fighter
  • The important resource April turned to feed her new debt-free financial mindset (Hint: You’re reading about it right now)
  • The first steps April took to begin her debt-crushing lifestyle
  • Why you need boundaries in your personal finance journey
  • The unique way April built a money mindset while broke
  • The dramatic step that April took that shocked everyone
  • How to sell your car for the highest price...even if you still owe money for it
  • Dealing with criticism on your debt-free journey
  • Why April decided to sell her home (for a good profit) to knock thousands of dollars in debt



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In this episode, Bart and Felicia talk about the process of going from having hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt to a debt-free lifestyle that is creating an entirely new reality for the financial future of their family. 



  • The importance of having an accountability partner in your debt-free journey
  • How to deal with the fear of a budget
  • How to deal with the fear of facing your debt
  • The strategy Bart and Felicia used to knock out $35,000 in debt in just 6 months
  • How Bart and Felicia tackled a $100,000+ mortgage
  • Why you need to have fun while you’re cutting your debt
  • How Bart and Felicia dealt with social pressure to remain financially disciplined
  • Telling your family and friends about your debt-free journey
  • Felicia’s and Bart’s next ambitious goals
  • The impact Felicia’s and Bart’s financial decisions will have on the financial future of their kids



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Jason and Desiree are another couple in the middle of their debt journey, but their story (like everyone else’s) is unique. 

In their situation, Desiree and Jason are tackling student loans and mortgage along with medical bills, credit card debt, and more. Despite all of this, they have tackled the medical bills, car loans, credit cards, and have an eye on knocking out the rest.



  • How Jason and Desiree finally committed to a debt-free journey after trying inconsistently for years
  • How to balance saving and spending
  • Budgeting strategies to balance budgeting and saving
  • The hardest part of being in the middle of a debt-free journey
  • How to deal with haters and naysayers (and people who just don’t know) on your debt journey
  • How do you adjust your debt when emergencies (like a new baby) happen?
  • Keeping your partner accountable during your debt-free journey
  • How to avoid arguments with your partner when you have different spending happens



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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk with Lawrence Gonzalez about building a comprehensive wealth that builds a new family legacy.

In the pursuit of a good career, Lawrence’s net worth was a negative six figures. With hard work and plan that started with an embarrassing credit card moment in the store, Lawrence is pulling himself out of debt and has a positive, 6-figure net worth.

On top of that, Lawrence is using the lessons and experiences from his childhood to maximize every cent of his money through a variety of tools including Health Savings Accounts (HSAs), 401Ks, rental income, house hacking, and more. 



  • How Lawrence moved from a net worth of NEGATIVE six figures to a POSITIVE six figures
  • The wake-up call moment that pushed Lawrence to take ownership of his money
  • The sneaky little financial habits that were destroying Lawrence’s money goals
  • The steps Lawrence took to start taking ownership of his money
  • How Lawrence ended up moving from an estimated $20,000+ salary to $64,000 in a year
  • The importance of mindset when you’re making financial moves for the better
  • The lessons and experience Lawrence used to help him today
  • Why personal finance should be about YOUR personal finances
  • What is a “Net-Max” plan?
  • Why we should prioritize our money to fit our definition of happiness
  • Finding ways to increase savings with the money you already have
  • How Lawrence is using rental income to fund his mother’s retirement  and change his family legacy
  • Lawrence’s secret strategy for real estate investment
  • The triple tax advantages of HSA’s




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Visit to get started on your journey toward financial wellness.

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In this episode of the His and Her Money Show, we talk with Marcia about her debt-free journey. We’ll cover how faith sparked Marcia’s drive to get rid of her debt, how she stayed on track, and what she is doing now as a person free of debt.



  • How faith pushed Marcia Armstrong to finally take care of her debt
  • The tools and resources Marcia you used to start getting out of debt...and remain out of debt
  • How to increase your income  to help you pay off debt faster
  • How Marcia celebrated that last payment that set her free from debt
  • How Marcia developed a public speaking career from scratch
  • How to stay accountable during your debt-free journey
  • What she is enjoying after becoming debt-free
  • Why Marcia says getting debt-free was bigger than one person




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On this episode of His & Her Money, we sit down with Terrence and Erica to discuss how they’ve invested in their financial education to build their portfolio from one, duplex investment to owning multiple real estate, insurance, and property management businesses.



  • The difference between sweat equity and check equity
  • How to learn and grow with your business
  • How to increase your real estate investment returns
  • The importance of asking questions
  • Maximizing value in rentals
  • How making mistakes can be an investment in your own education



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There are debt-free stories, and then there’s the story of Freddie and Sahirenys.

This couple was not only able to clear $90,000+ in debt but also saved enough money to leave their jobs, start a business, get married, and raise two kids.

On top of that, Sahirenys and Freddie did this in 5 years!



  • Why your debt-free journey and budgeting approach should be personal to your situation
  • How the Recession affected the way Freddie and Sahirenys looked at their debt
  • Having conversations with your partner to make sure you are focused on the same financial goals
  • Changing the conversation about student loans: The conversation Freddie and Sahirenys had about student loans 
  • How the Recession changed Sahirenys and Freddie’s approach to a debt-free life
  • How Sahirenys and Freddie set up an emergency fund while building a business and raising a family
  • How they dealt with a family medical emergency...and kept up with their debt freedom plan
  • Developing skills that allow you to get multiple jobs
  • What to do about personal finance when your life doesn’t fit the textbook
  • Why families of color need to share their debt freedom stories and have access to the right resources
  • Balancing short-term and long-term needs in your budget as a couple
  • The High 5 Banking Method




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Sometimes, beginning your debt-free journey requires making some financial mistakes.

Danielle Martin, a single, recently graduated college student, had to get herself about 39k in student loan, car loan, and credit card debt before she finally shifted her mindset and took steps towards paying off her debt.

Although she left college with 13k in student loan debt, about six months out of college, she not only moved out of her parents’ house and into an apartment, sending half of her paycheck to rent, but also decided to buy a car, taking out another 23k in loans. 

She had more than doubled her debt within her first month of moving into an apartment, and rather than saving up and paying it off, she continued to spend her money on shopping. It wasn’t until both her debit card and credit card had been declined that she finally realized she needed to make some lifestyle changes.



  • Shifting your mindset to take steps towards eliminating debt
  • Staying motivated by celebrating every win
  • Making sacrifices early to invest in your future




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