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Today’s episode features Brian Dembowczyk discussing parenting and how to bring the bible into your children’s lives. Brian talks about mistakes that he made and what it feels like to feel unqualified to disciple your children.

Brain’s journey in the ministry has led him to a focus on equipping parents on how to better minister to their children. 

The discussion goes into depth about how to make your ministering fit for your family and your household. Things like having a discussion around the dinner table, praying together, and layering in opportunities to talk about God. Brian talks about structured times and unstructured times. 

Brain Dembowczyk is a minister and author specializing in bringing biblical teachings to children with realistic steps and goal setting. Brian is the managing editor of the gospel project at Lifeway Christian Resources, leading the kid’s team helping kids and parents introduce the scriptures. Brian has experience in student and family ministries.

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Over here at His and Her Money, we love hearing your debt elimination stories from smart money couples. In today's episode, we've got Nadia Malik telling us all about her inspiring journey. She and her husband have taken total control of their finances, and they've been living debt-free for 10 years.

AND paid off a house.

Did we mention this was almost all done on a single income?


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As financial bloggers, His & Her Money sees hundreds of debt-free stories. We love to see those calculators out and the numbers going down, but these stories aren't just about the money, it's also about the people behind it. In today's episode, our guest's experience with becoming debt-free has a different spin on what money means to her and how she's used her financial smarts to better her life in unpredictable ways.

We've got Kassandra Dasent here with us today, a boss lady CEO who went all-in to knock out her $55,000 consumer debt. A successful businesswoman with a passion for holistic wellness, once she realized her debt was holding her back, Kassandra was giving up her dream condo and saying goodbye for now to a lot of the luxuries in her life, just to get her finances right and become more fiscally responsible for the future.

This wasn't just a financial journey, but a total lifestyle overhaul. While budgeting, saving, and upping her income potential, Kassandra was shaking off decades worth of bad habits and learning so much about herself and how she was managing her money. And now she's back to living her best life with her husband debt-free! Kassandra is a great example of putting in the work, and we hope you can learn a lot from her inspiring journey.


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On today's episode of His & Her Money, we were so happy to link up with a couple from our Smart Money Couples group for a conversation about debt freedom. Christy is an elementary school teacher living in Qatar with her husband, and most of the debt she brought into their marriage was student loans.

Several reasons pushed her towards paying off her debt, mostly her faith, and also the opportunities she realized she was missing out on. Initially, debt held Christy back from her dreams of being a missionary, and even after getting married, there were things the couple still struggled to do.

And that's when it was time to hustle!


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Rachel wasn't a stranger to real estate when she decided to make the switch to mobile home investment - she just wasn't totally prepared for all the twists and turns she'd hit along the way. The mobile home market is a completely different niche than single-family homes AND it's not the most talked-about investment opportunity. But no worries: on today's episode of the His & Her Money Show, Rachel is spreading the word on how she did it and how you can get started too!

We hope you've got your pad and pencils out to take some notes and from Rachel as she breaks down the decision to go from burned-out landlord to mobile home investment superstar. She's got an insider perspective on how the market moves and some super helpful stepping stones for getting into the business, from choosing your communities, cutting your deals, negotiating with park owners, and so much more. She also gives us some of her top resources for budding investors, that she used during her own learning experience! Check out her blog, Adventures in Mobile Homes, to hear more of Rachel's story and get inspired.


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Teamwork is a big deal in all aspects of relationships, but when it comes down to money, you HAVE to be on the same page. Here at the His & Her Money Show, we're always interested in hearing how different couples are tackling their finances, especially when it comes to total debt elimination. Sometimes it can be a tricky slope, but on today's episode, we've got Danielle, aka Amore Salute, sharing all about how she and her boyfriend paid off $325,134 worth of debt in just 4 years!

Danielle and her boyfriend are both super savers. Already sharing a good money mindset was essential to starting their debt-free journey. When they bought their house, they immediately knew they wanted to pay it all off as soon as possible and knock out the rest of their student loans right along with it. And did they ever!

Today Danielle is taking us play-by-play through their debt elimination strategies, from the moment they decided to turn over a new financial leaf, to wealth-building and the lucrative re-selling side hustle that Danielle discovered unexpectedly. You won't want to miss out on this one!


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