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Rachel wasn't a stranger to real estate when she decided to make the switch to mobile home investment - she just wasn't totally prepared for all the twists and turns she'd hit along the way. The mobile home market is a completely different niche than single-family homes AND it's not the most talked-about investment opportunity. But no worries: on today's episode of the His & Her Money Show, Rachel is spreading the word on how she did it and how you can get started too!

We hope you've got your pad and pencils out to take some notes and from Rachel as she breaks down the decision to go from burned-out landlord to mobile home investment superstar. She's got an insider perspective on how the market moves and some super helpful stepping stones for getting into the business, from choosing your communities, cutting your deals, negotiating with park owners, and so much more. She also gives us some of her top resources for budding investors, that she used during her own learning experience! Check out her blog, Adventures in Mobile Homes, to hear more of Rachel's story and get inspired.


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