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House hunting season is upon us, and for many, that means that you are about to make the biggest purchase of your life. With that thought in mind, we thought it would be important to share advice with you all on how to buy a house the right way.

With homeownership being such an important commitment to undertake, it is imperative that you proceed with caution and preparation. This is crucial because if you do not take the proper safeguards in advance, your home will turn into a financial burden instead of a financial blessing.

To help us out on this endeavor we interviewed financial coach, Jonathan White to break down the steps that you need to take in order to buy a house the right way.

Jonathan is such an expert on the matter that he wrote a phenomenal new book on this very topic titled "A Tale of Two Houses: Our Journey of Buying a Home the Right Way after Buying One the Wrong Way".

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With the current student loan debt in our country surpassing the $1 trillion mark, it's no wonder that so many people are in despair about their loans. However, there are some individuals who use these types of statistics to motivate themselves to financial freedom. Phil did just that, and he successfully paid off 63,000 dollars of student loans in just 2.5 years.

Phil didn't want to be a part of the student loan crisis for the rest of his life. His desire was to become debt, and he wanted to do it as fast as he possibly could.

He successfully took that desire and followed it up with action steps that ultimately led him to achieve his financial goals, and left him with an incredible story of having paid off 63,000 Dollars of Student Loans.

His story is an inspiration to all, that debt freedom can be achieved no matter your age or your income if you dedicate yourself. Phil's hard work and dedication are what propelled him to accomplish debt freedom. Tune into this episode of The His and Her Money Show, and prepare to be inspired!

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Think you don't have what it takes to become debt-free? Well, think again! Melody paid off 39,000 dollars of debt in just 1 year. With bankruptcy staring her in the face, Melody had a tough decision to make.

She and her husband were fed up with their debt situation and decided to get proactive and do something about it. They made the bold decision to do whatever was necessary to become unburied from their debt. The journey is not over, but it is in full force, and it's truly inspirational.

Melody is the creator of Broke on Purpose where she shares practical wisdom on creating a debt-free lifestyle.  

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Rob Berger has successfully achieved debt freedom, and so can you. In fact, Rob paid off over $250,000 worth of debt to become debt-free.

If that much debt can be overcome, then surely your debt situation can improve as well. Rob's journey to debt freedom is sure to inspire you to take control of your financial situation once and for all.

Rob Berger is an attorney who in 2007 started a personal finance and investing blog. What started as a hobby has turned into a full-time business that has allowed him to work wherever and whenever he wants. is built on the motto that the best thing money can buy is financial freedom.

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For many, the costs associated with feeding their families tend to be a big-time budget buster. However, Amanda has figured out a plan that allows her to feed her family of 5 for under $100 a month.

On this episode of The His & Her Money Show, Amanda shares her advice on how she was able to cut her family's food costs, and how you can as well. She details her plan step by step so that you can begin to implement and save your family money immediately.

Amanda is the creator of The Fundamental Home where she shares wisdom on how to thrive by living a more simple lifestyle.

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Every financial decision that you make today has a direct impact on the outlook of your financial tomorrow. In other words, the moves that you make with your money in the present will determine whether or not you will have a successful retirement in the future. We don't want you to retire in misery or mediocrity, we want you to retire inspired.

With that in mind, we reached out to Chris Hogan, author of the fantastic new book Retire Inspired, to help us out. Chris shares a ton of advice on what strategies we need to implement right now, in order to secure the retirement of our dreams in the future. You don’t have to retire broke, stressed, and working long after you want to. You can retire inspired!

In his new book, Retire Inspired, Chris Hogan teaches that retirement isn’t an age; it’s a financial number—an amount you need to live the life in retirement that you’ve always dreamed of.

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Have you ever wondered how to invest in real estate to build real wealth for your family? If so, then this episode of The His & Her Money Show is just for you. In this episode, we sit down with Kathy Fettke, co-founder of The Real Wealth Network, as she shares her wisdom on how we can all invest in real estate so that we can create a legacy of wealth for years to come.

Join us as Kathy gives practical advice and a glimpse at her journey to becoming a highly successful Real Estate investor, by helping people build and secure wealth through savvy real estate investments.

The guidance that she provides in this episode is priceless yet practical and will equip you with the tools you need to become a successful real estate investor yourself.

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Barry and Stacy did what most people feel is impossible, and they paid off all of their debt to include their house! They put their foot down and finally had enough of being buried in their debt. They chose to get laser-focused and do what it took to become debt-free once and for all.

Their story is really a story of redemption. Their debt freedom journey began with Barry making the mistake of purchasing a Mercedes-Benz right before they got married. However, their journey ends with them working together to get to a place where they successfully paid off all of their debt.

Their story goes to show you, that it's not about how you start, but about how you finish. Let their story encourage, and inspire you to the point of action. You can become debt-free just like Barry and Stacy if you are willing to do what it takes to get there.

Barry and Stacy are the creators of Humorous Homemaking where they write super helpful articles on food, family, finances, and the fundamentals of homemaking.

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If you have a desire to improve your credit score, then this episode of The His & Her Money Show is just for you. Your creditworthiness has a monstrous impact on so many areas of your life from obtaining insurance, to getting a job, and to even being able to own a home.

The fact of the matter is, that you need to do what it takes to get your credit situation in order. With that thought in mind, we reached out to Netiva Heard, also known as The Frugal CrediTnista.

She shared a wealth of knowledge about how credit works from her over 13 years of experience. We tackle all things credit-related in this episode, and it will surely equip and educate you, to turn your credit situation around once and for all.