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Saving money for retirement may not be the first thing on everybody's mind. It seems pretty far down the road to be worrying about it now, but it's never too soon to start taking steps towards financial independence, now or for the future. Here at His & Her Money, one of the things we stress the most is the power of smart investing, and our favorite way to get started on the right path is through 401ks. You may not put that much thought into your employer's 401k, but we hope this episode gives you something to think about!

On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, we decided to bring in Chris Costello, a 401k expert, for an in-depth conversation on investment and saving for retirement, and how the answer to getting started could be right in front of you this whole time. Chris has been deep in the financial services community since 1995, and as the CEO and co-founder of Blooom, he's an invaluable resource of practical financial advice. Today he's breaking down investments, 401k, personal finances, and generating long-term wealth - this is one you won't want to miss!

Chris and his Blooom co-founder Kevin were working well as financial and wealth advisers when they branched out and started their own firm in 2004, but they were growing frustrated with the fact that those who needed financial advising the most weren't often able to get it - the final straw was when Chris realized his own parents, even though they were his clients, didn't even qualify for the firm that they'd created. It was time to make a real change, and ultimately that was where Blooom was born.

Blooom's goal is to help everyone and anyone to understand and utilize their 401k. They offer incredible tools and advice and, most importantly, financial peace of mind. Today Chris walks us through some big steps and gives incredible practical advice, tips, and tricks, but it's just the tip of the 401k iceberg and there's so much more to learn with Blooom. So what are YOU waiting for?


  • What a 401k is and how to use them to generate long-term wealth
  • Investment do's and don'ts
  • Traditional 401k vs. Roth 401k
  • Debt and what to do with it before and during the investment process


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It's one thing to start the journey to debt freedom as an individual, but tackling your debt as a couple means working as a team. Like most things in marriage, showing up debt as a united front is the key to making the journey smooth. Sometimes this can be hard, and other times it's a unanimous decision, and either way, we love sitting down with smart money couples to talk about how they manage marriage, family, and finances.

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we're joined by Caleb and Rachel Mathias from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to talk about their debt free journey, and how they destroyed $45,000 of debt in just 16 months! This is an amazing feat, but coming so fresh into their marriage, it wasn't always an easy one. But once they got off the ground, Caleb and Rachel were focused and determined to reach their goals, and now they're living completely debt free!

Caleb and Rachel started their marriage off with approximately $45,000 of debt between them - mostly student loans, with car loans and consumer credit card debt. It was nothing they couldn't handle. But they both had great-paying jobs and weren't living extravagantly, so...why were they dipping into their savings to pay the bills? That was the turning point where they decided to take a good look at their finances, find out where their money was really going, and get serious about eliminating their debt and paving the road towards financial freedom.

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It's never too soon or too late to start working on your leadership skills. Being a leader or having authority skills can greatly increase productivity, and productivity can be applied to anything in your life, from business to marriage to beyond! And you can accomplish this no matter what position you're in, so why not start today?

On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, we are featuring our special guest Jake A. Carlson. Jake is a husband, father of three, podcaster, and a thought leader, devoted to being an authority on leadership, productivity, and influence. He's just gotten back from a year-long family trip to 12 different countries, and now he's sitting down with us to share some of his invaluable lessons on leadership and becoming an authority figure. Jake started early, listening to Zig Ziglar on cassette tapes as a kid, and is passionate about helping others become more productive people!

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Student loan debt - or just debt in general - is a hurdle that many Americans face. But just because it's become the norm doesn't mean that you have to live with it forever! While your loans can hold you back from your ideal life and financial freedom, working to toward eliminating your debt is an investment well worth the time and effort for a brighter future on YOUR own terms. What would you sacrifice to be debt free?

On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, we've got Marissa Lyda from The Budgeting Wife coming on to share her story of total debt elimination. She and her husband Jacob knew from the start that they didn't want their $87,000 student loan debt to hold them back from doing the things they wanted and accomplishing their goals, so they made sure it didn't! After two and a half years of hard work and sacrifices, now that they've obliterated their debt once and for all, this smart money couple is totally committed to keeping their debt-free lifestyle as frugal and fun as possible. We can't wait for you to hear all about it!

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Most Americans have some form of debt, be it credit cards or student loans or car loans. It’s nothing out of the ordinary and for now, you might just be living with it, just like everyone else. But someday you might find that your debt is already hurting you in the long run. Are you financially secure enough for that new car? Emergency fund? Vacation? To start a family? If you have any doubts, then it might be time for you to evaluate your finances and where you can make some changes.

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we’ve got Andy Hill on board to talk getting down to business, budgets, and of course, busting your debt! You might already know Andy, proud husband and father of two, from his blog and podcast, Marriage, Kids, & Money, and now he’s here to share with us his family’s incredible journey to debt freedom!

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