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If you have the desire to become debt-free, then you don't want to miss this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast. Today, we are talking with Laura Dobbins.

She has a phenomenal story of how she went from $40,000 worth of debt to $100,000 in her savings account, in just a two-year time frame! She shares her debt-free story from start to finish and offers her advice to help you to do the same.

Laura Dobbins is a Statistical Analyst in the Healthcare industry during the day, a blogger in the evening, and a mother and wife 24 hours a day.   Laura is married to the love of her life, Randy, and they have four children; Kelly, Lindsay, Faith, and Britton.

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One of the most common budget busters that we often come across, is that of shopping for clothing. We all love to look good and are oftentimes willing to pay a hefty price tag to stay fashionable. There is nothing wrong with staying fashion-forward unless it comes at the expense of your financial independence.

With that in mind, we brought in an expert to help us learn how to stay fashionable, and build wealth at the same time. Carrie Pink is a "Wealth Stylist" who has spent years studying personal finance and the emotional psychology of shopping.

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The journey to financial freedom is a very rewarding journey indeed. However, in order to reach your goal of becoming debt-free, you are going to have to go through a total of four seasons in the process. We like to call these seasons, "The Four Seasons Of Financial Freedom".

In this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast, we explain in detail what each of the four seasons is, and how you can make it through each one of them.

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Many people feel that the amount of debt that they are in, is too much to overcome. If that is you, then you definitely need to tune in to this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast.

In this episode, we interview Brian and Cherie Lowe, who successfully eliminated over $127,000 worth of debt in just 4 years. Their story serves as a true testament, that achieving debt freedom is completely possible, no matter what your current debt load is!

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For many of us, there are some fantastic business ideas that we have deep down in our hearts. All too many times, however, those business ventures that we want to pursue lead us towards one of two reactions. Either we launch out on our own too prematurely, or we never launch the business at all.

On today's show, we brought in an expert on the matter to give us some wisdom. Wade Harris successfully transitioned from being a Corporate employee of a Fortune 500 Company to becoming a nationally syndicated Radio Personality known around the world as DJ Wade-O.

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In this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast, we have a guest interview with Shannaan Dawda He shares his incredible story, of becoming debt-free by paying off over $26,000 worth of debt, in just 11 months! His story serves as an inspiration for us all to know that debt freedom is real, and it is very attainable.

An Atlanta Native, Shannaan Dawda graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2009 Cum Laude, with degrees in Accounting and Finance. He officially passed all parts of his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in February of 2013.


What You Will Learn

  • How Shannaan became entrenched in debt.
  • The moment that led him to want to achieve debt freedom.
  • The steps that were taken to become free.
  • The importance of knowing, "why" you want to get out of debt.
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In this episode, we dive into one of the most hard-hitting topics for the millennial generation, which is that of the student loan debt crisis. Research has shown that since 1999, student loan debt has increased by more than 500 percent!

Student loan debt has become such a financial burden to so many people, that we decided to call in an expert to give some guidance.

LaTisha Styles is a motivational speaker and millennial money expert for teaching simple finance for millennials. LaTisha has been quoted in Forbes and Mainstreet, featured in The Economist, and mentioned in US News as a top personal finance expert to follow on Twitter.

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