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From a young age, both Chris and his wife had the anti-debt mentality, which helped drive them to early retirement, and to be successful before their wedding day.

This level of commitment can be replicated by taking a step back and looking at taxes, payment plans, finance, etc. from a different perspective.

In this episode of the His & Her Money Show, you will hear about the amazing story of Chris Mamula, and how he retired at “41”.



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Today we have Rob and Melissa to introduce us to Flea Market Flipper, and the strategies to turn something that has been thrown away or neglected, into something valuable. 

Incredibly, they have managed to turn this hobby into a profitable business and have encouraged many to do the same. It’s that simple, but not easy to accomplish.

In this episode of the His & Her Money Show, you will hear about the incredible journey that Rob and Melissa have taken, and how the Flea Market can be of value to you.


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Supplementing your income with a side hustle can make a world of difference when it comes to paying down debt or boosting your savings. Today’s guest has been able to do both. 

After Julie and her husband paid off over $90,000 in debt, she was able to take her side hustles to another level when she started to make money on Etsy.

As a new mom balancing a full-time job and two other side hustles including her blog, Millenial Boss and show the Fire Drill Podcast, Julie has managed to add an additional $6,000 to her income since starting her Etsy store, The Swag Elephant.

Julie shares what she's learned in starting up this lucrative hustle and how with the use of digital products, she’s been able to create a semi-passive flow of income for her and her family.

Listen in to learn how you can do the same and why established platforms like Etsy are prime for launching any good product— even if you don't have one crafty bone in your body.

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Ladies, if a man confessed to having a huge debt while you are dating, would you go ahead and marry them? Many ladies would never give it a shot. The fear of getting into a marriage and bringing in debt is real!

Today on the show, we have a couple that did not allow debt to stop them from getting married. Alfred brought in a debt of $145,000, while Felice made sure that she brought in no debt. When they got married, they agreed on aggressively paying off Alfred’s debt.

They went headlong into their debt freedom journey when they came to a point where they felt the need to pause their efforts. Tune in to find out the powerful reason why and the lessons they've learned along the way.

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Bill’s story is a little different from the other stories you may have heard on the His & Her Money Show.

That’s because Bill’s (aka Billy B.) story starts off with a 10-year sentence….but it ends with a $300,000 net worth and marriage at the end. 

Bill survived a 10-year prison sentence and a life of partying, drugs, and addiction to become an entrepreneur, speaker, investor, and owner of the Wealth Well Done blog.

You can find out more about him on his website,  Facebook, or Twitter.


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