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Many couples have questions about getting on the same page financially with their spouse. We are going to tackle some of these questions head-on with today's episode of The His & Her Money Show.

Today's guest is nonother than Patrice C. Washington, also known as The Money Maven. She stops by the show today to share her financial insight on all of the tough financial topics that couples find themselves dealing with, on a regular basis.

Not only that, but she shares her own personal testimony of going from having a 7 figure company, to losing it all and having to scrape up change to feed her daughter. Her story of financial redemption will surely leave you inspired and encouraged.


What You Will Learn

  • Should couples invest now or get out of debt first.
  • How spouses can get on the same page financially.
  • How to pass good money habits on to your children.
  • Patrice's personal testimony of going from having a 7 figure business, to having to scrape up change to feed her daughter.


Resources Mentioned

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In today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we meet a couple who was willing to do WHATEVER it took to become debt-free!

They were so determined to become debt-free, they were willing to sell scrap metal that they found on the side of the road!

If you really want to achieve debt freedom, you too will have to be willing to be creative and relentless in your approach to the process.

Lane and Krista’s story isn’t just amazing because they knocked out $70,000 worth of debt, but the fact that they did it in less than three years is incredible!

They stop by the show today to share all of the details of their incredible journey to financial freedom.

It’s high time that you turn your business idea, into a business reality. The question that you have to ask yourself is what is holding you back from making it happen?

For many people, it’s a fear centered on the amount of money it takes to start a business. Financial fear is so paralyzing, that it is typically the main cause for many great business ventures never coming to fruition.

The good news is that this grappling fear no longer has to stop you from starting a business. There are great resources that are budget-friendly that will allow you to get your company up and running in no time.

To help us delve into this topic, we interviewed Omar Zenhom from The $100 MBA. He gave some great advice, and even better resources to get you to start your business on a budget and start on your entrepreneurial journey right away.

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Today's guest on The His & Her Money Show serves as a testament to this very fact. In this episode, we speak with Molly Stillman of

Molly details her journey of going from $36,000 in debt, to completely debt-free. The best part is that she was able to accomplish this feat in just 3 short years!

Her story is truly inspirational, and will definitely motivate you to start or complete your journey to debt freedom as well.

If you have a bankruptcy in your past, there is most definitely still hope for you! Today’s guest on The His & Her Money Show is a wonderful example of this very fact.

In today’s episode, we speak with Debbi King from She details her story of going from being bankrupt to accumulating wealth.

Debbi once found herself in a situation where she was a single mom, with over $200,000 of debt, and facing bankruptcy. Her story of financial redemption serves as an inspiration to all of us, that we can turn things around for ourselves financially, no matter what our circumstances may be.

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Today’s guest on The His & Her Money Show is an excellent example of this very fact. In this episode, we speak with a woman by the name of Prudence from

She details her journey of going from a consumerist lifestyle to a debt-free lifestyle. She was able to successfully eliminate over $100,000 of debt, in just 3 years! Trust us, this is an episode that you do not want to miss.

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Today we'll be talking with Steve Stewart from as he shares the details of his debt freedom journey. He even talks about how becoming a DJ on the side, helped bring in extra cash that allowed him to get out of debt at a very fast pace.

Steve Stewart is a Personal Finance Architect who helps people plan their cash flow and learn how to "pay attention, not interest".

On his episode of The His & Her Money Show, we speak with Jessica Kempf from She shares her incredible story of how she destroyed $30,000 worth of student loan debt in just 9 months!

She serves as a bright shining example that debt freedom is real; and that you can experience the joy that comes along with it.

Amy White from came to that realization a few years ago, and she decided to do something about it.

She made a decision that enough was enough, and she wasn't going to allow debt to control her life any longer. It was at the moment that she and her family set out on their debt-free journey.

To date, they have eliminated $293,000 worth of debt! In this episode of The His and Her Money Show, Amy will share the details of her journey so that you can be inspired to do the same.

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