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In this episode of “In the Middle,” we talk to Anthony and Luan, a couple that has just finished paying off 15k of credit card debt in the past 7 months.

They are still “in the middle” of their debt-free journey, and they now plan to take on their student loans and mortgage in the hopes of eliminating all debt.



  • How to surround yourself with debt-free influences
  • How to cut back and only spend money on necessities
  • Steps to have conversations with a partner about debt
  • Tips to prioritize needed purchases
  • How to hold each other accountable as partners to stay focused
  • How to change your perspective on paying off debt as an investment in the future rather than paying off the past



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So often, paying off debt can leave you thinking of the past - past spending, previous loans, perhaps past mistakes. But what if you approached paying off your debt as investing in your future?

In this episode of His & Her Money, we sit down with Zach Pursley, a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. With over $47k of debt paid off within less than three years, Zach is proof that, with the correct mindset, determination, and, at times, sacrifice, it is absolutely possible to become debt-free in a short amount of time.



  • How to make small sacrifices to live frugally
  • How to move home to save money
  • Ways to set up a money-saving budget
  • How to prioritize which loans to pay off
  • Keeping a positive attitude and approach to paying off debt
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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk with passive real estate investing guru and podcaster, Marco Santarelli.

If getting into real estate investing is something that you’ve always wanted to do, but never made the leap Marco Santarelli is a voice you need to listen to. In this episode, Marco shares the story of how and why he got into real estate investing at the early age of 18. 

Marco also takes time to break down the principles of real estate investing in his “10  Rules of Successful Investing”. These rules cover the principles of long-term real estate investing at a level that any beginner with a potential rental property can understand.

He explains how to set investment goals, how to calculate profits, and how to set up your real estate team for success.



  • Why Marco started investing at 18 and what he learned from the process
  • The biggest mistake he made on his first rental property
  • Why is real estate a good investment?
  • The 10 Rules of Successful Real Estate Investing
  • How to educate yourself as a real estate investor
  • How to set investment goals
  • How to calculate profit from your real estate deals
  • How can we know if a real estate deal looks good on paper?
  • Should I have more than one bank account?
  • What does “market agnostic” mean?
  • The importance of hiring the right team for long-distance investing
  • The top-down approach when picking a real estate property
  • Diversifying your portfolio
  • Signs of a good (and professional) property management company
  • How to manage your real estate team for success



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Kyle Depiesse and his wife were deep in debt when a single search into his life-to-date income launched him into a thirty-eight-month journey to completely eliminate his debt. Since then, they have paid off two mortgages and a car loan, totaling up to $380,000 of debt. 



  • Ways to communicate with and motivate a partner to tackle debt and make life changes
  • How to stay connected and inspired by your goals and dreams
  • How to set and celebrate smaller milestones
  • Tips to budget on an irregular income
  • How to live below your means
  • How to increase your income by capitalizing on your own value
  • Strategies to set your partner up for success as a stay-at-home parent



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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk about investing, but not from the perspective you might expect. We talk with Danielle Town, daughter of the investing legend, Phil Town, about the other side of investing.

Danielle Town, who calls herself a “non-natural investor”,  shares why we need to consider our emotions when we invest and how to use that knowledge to our advantage.

She also shares a unique investing strategy (used by Warren Buffett, himself) to take as much stress as possible out of investing.



  • Why investing can feel scary...even for a corporate lawyer and the daughter of a very famous investor
  • Dealing with rational and irrational fear in investing
  • How to move past the fear of investing
  • Becoming comfortable with investing...even if you aren’t a numbers person
  • Why should we learn about investing anyway?
  • What is inflation?
  • What is value investing?
  • Why value investing is a good investment for “set it and forget it” and non-natural investors
  • Charlie Munger’s 4 principles of successful value investing
  • How do you pick a good company to invest in?
  • When you should (and shouldn’t) use your emotions to guide your investment decisions
  • How do you deal with the emotional roller coaster of investing news?
  • Understanding your emotional connection to money



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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we talk about a unique business opportunity that you might not have heard about, being a mobile notary.

While the job of “mobile notary” doesn’t get a lot of press, it gets a lot of work. As the owner of a notary agency and notary training school, Andre Hatchett will tell you, notaries are needed everywhere. 

Mobile notaries are needed to witness documents, sign loans, verify wills, take fingerprints, and much more.  Mobile notaries can make good money, whether they work part-time or full-time.

In this episode, Andre shares everything you need to know to get started right after you listen to the podcast episode. He covers how to get into the business (and why he decided to become a notary), how much money you can expect, how to get training, and how to grow your business through marketing and specialization.



  • What is a notary?
  • How do I become a mobile notary?
  • Can you make a full-time income from being a notary?
  • How much can you really make as a notary?
  • What makes a successful notary?
  • How much time do you have to spend to make this profitable?
  • Secure at your job vs “self-employed”: Dealing with criticism as an entrepreneur
  • What safety precautions can mobile notaries take?
  • Insurance and tools: What kind of tools do I need to be a mobile notary? Do I need insurance?
  • Should  I have a website?
  • Is there still space in the market for someone just starting out?
  • How do you grow as a mobile notary?
  • Are the mobile notary services that bring in more money?
  • How do you upsell notary services?




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When it comes to becoming a millionaire, most of us think it’s possible only under a few circumstances:

  1. You own a really big business or create a super successful product
  2. You win the lottery
  3. You have a very, very rich family

But Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen didn’t fall into any of those categories. Kristy had moved to the middle class from poverty. Bryce was a middle-class engineer who was trying to move up the ranks of what he thought was the American dream. Both Kristy and Bryce were just a middle-class couple who had enough of the rat race...and they became millionaires and retired.

Did we mention that they were only in their 30’s? 



  • How did this couple come up with the idea that they could become millionaires?
  • Christy’s journey from living on 44 cents per day in China to a millionaire
  • The reason Christy decided she had to get out of the rat race and make money a new way
  • The resources Kristy and Bryce used to get started on their journey to a million dollars
  • Why retirement isn’t about age
  • The easy 4% rule that Christy and Bryce suggest to calculate your retirement number
  • Why Bryce chose to invest in index funds as one of his million-dollar strategies
  • Why Bryce and Kristy decided NOT to buy a house as an investment (when everyone else they knew was)
  • How Kristy’s early experiences in poverty were a strength...and liability to a wealth mindset
  • Why the survival mindset helps you survive in the short term but hurts your money in the long term
  • How Kristy and Bryce joined the strengths of their backgrounds to become a wealthy couple
  • Why you must rely on yourself to get your financial freedom
  • How to deal with a saver that starts getting rich
  • The importance of creating your own financial freedom  your way
  • Why you can start your path to a million-dollar future today
  • Wealth-hacking habits that will save money without hurting the quality of your life
  • Wealth-hacking habits to make money while you’re traveling
  • Why financial peace of mind is good for your health and society
  • Why Kristy and Bryce are passionate about creating more wealth builders



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This debt-free story focuses on getting on the same financial page as a married couple. Both Ashley and David Garrison were trying to live the American Dream.

They ended up over $75,000 in debt.

Getting to a debt-free lifestyle took some adjusting, however. As Ashley shares, creating a budget and budget meetings was something David and Ashley had o adjust to. But once they did, they ended up paying off their debt in less than 2 years. 



  • How to convince your spouse that debt is a problem 
  • Staying encouraged and persistent while talking with a reluctant spouse about debt
  • Staying motivated when you’re beginning on your debt-free journey
  • Handling money resentment and strife as a couple 
  • The importance of faith in Ashley and David’s debt-free journey
  • Having budget meetings as a couple
  • Dealing with your partner when budget meetings get intense
  • The unique ways David and Ashley saved and made money on their debt-free journey
  • Allocating new money to your budget after you start making money
  • Why Ashley and David left room in the budget for fun and relaxation
  • Why Ashley and David chose the debt snowball method (and why you should consider it too!)
  • Future goals of David and Ashley as a debt-free couple



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Finances can often put a strain on relationships - however, when Josh and Elisha decided to combine their finances, they embarked on a journey that not only led them towards paying 30k of debt within eight months but also brought about new conversations that strengthened their relationship.

In this episode of “In the Middle,” Josh and Elisha are here to share what led them into debt, how they began their journey, and how they’ve held themselves accountable.



  • How to hold each other accountable by combining finances
  • How your debt-free journey can strengthen your relationship
  • Adding side hustles for additional income
  • Keeping your goals visual and tangible
  • How simply saying ‘no’ can contribute to your debt-freedom
  • Automatically saving towards an emergency fund



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