The His and Her Money Show

The typical American family has about three to five bank accounts. Usually, it is a mixture of checking and savings accounts combined. We like to consider ourselves slightly above average when it comes to this statistic.

In fact, we have more than double the national average. To be more precise, we have a total of 13 bank accounts. Stay tuned to find out the break down of each of these 13 bank accounts

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In this episode, we tackle the tough question of whether or not you should get married to someone who has less than stellar credit. This scenario could be an especially challenging one if you have excellent credit. Tune in, to find out our thoughts.


What You Will Learn 

  • What our credit looked like when we got married
  • How our individual spending habits were developed
  • Why Tai consciously chose to endure the struggle
  • How to check your credit report for FREE
  • How to talk to each other about your credit situation
  • The proper way to walk through credit restoration together


Resources Mentioned

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