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Charles and Jia found themselves stressed out about the amount of debt that they were in. Fortunately, they did not just waddle in their misery, but they went out and did something about it. 

They successfully dug their way out of over $60,000 worth of debt, and today find themselves proudly debt-free. It took a lot of hard work and determination, but in the end, they accomplished their goal.

On this episode of The His & Her Money Show, Charles and Jia share the details of their journey, from start to finish. They gave valuable insight into what it takes to successfully become debt-free.

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J.D. Roth got tired of being in debt, so he decided he was going to do something about it. His decision led him on a journey that allowed him to pay off $35,000 of debt to become debt-free.

The road to financial freedom is not easy, but in the end, it's completely worth it. J.D. shares the details of all the ups and downs, he endured along the way, as well as the lessons he learned. His story will motivate you to launch out on your own personal journey to debt freedom.

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Amiyrah Martin did the unthinkable and paid off over 36,000 dollars of debt in under 2 years. Her journey from car repossession to debt freedom is truly an inspiration to anyone who wants to launch their journey to debt freedom.

Her journey to financial freedom shows us that no matter what your current financial struggle is today, there is still hope for your financial tomorrow. If you desire to get out of debt once and for all, then this episode is just for you.

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Today's show is dedicated to helping you understand, how to plan for the retirement of your dreams. We want to make sure that you are educated and equipped to make sound financial decisions, that will lead to a financially comfortable retirement.

With that thought in mind, we interviewed Roger Whitney of to help answer some tough retirement planning questions. Roger brings a wealth of knowledge, about all things retirement, in this episode.

He's known as the “Retirement Answer Man.” He believes you can create a great life that balances living well today AND living well tomorrow by having the right conversations about money NOW.

Scott Alan Turner worked hard to pay off his house and all his other debt to become completely debt-free. He was able to go from being buried by a mortgage, furniture, and Porsche payments, to have no payments at all.

Not only did Scott pay off all of his consumer debt, but he took it to the next level and paid off his house too! As a result, Scott is completely debt-free and living the life of his dreams.

Through hard work and determination, Scott went from a self-professed money moron at age 22, to a self-made millionaire 13 years later. He now focuses his efforts on helping other people become financial rock stars by showing them how to get out of debt, save more money, and retire early. 

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If you have a desire to move from simply an income earner to a wealth builder, then this episode is just for you. Today we're going to talk about the 6 steps to building wealth.

In order to build wealth, you need a solid game plan to get you there. With that in mind, we talked with Linda P. Jones who is a self-made millionaire. She has spent her life studying wealth and using those lessons to become wealthy herself.

Linda is a financial expert who made $2 million by the age of 39 – just by investing. Now, she empowers others to find financial independence with her courses, webinars, mentoring services, and her website Linda is also the host of a highly rated podcast called Be Wealthy and Smart.

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Marriage and money are two extremely tough subjects to try and join together. With that thought in mind, we decided to dedicate an episode of The His & Her Money Show to helping couples understand how to better communicate about money.

It's no secret that the topic of money is one of the leading causes of divorce in our country. Due to this fact, it is imperative that we learn how to talk through our finances in such a way, that allows for unity and ones in our marriages.

To help us delve into this discussion, we interviewed Certified Financial Planner Katie Brewer of Your Richest Life Planning. She shares advice for all couples, to help them successfully merge marriage and money once and for all.