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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, Rob and Reshawn Lee tell us about their amazing journey of destroying debt and building wealth. Rob is a former marine, husband and father. Reshawn is wife and mother. They are empty nesters in their forties and have two sons. 

At the beginning of their marriage, they were not comfortable placing all their money in one bank account. They prayed about it and realized they should join their finances. Together they collaborated to pay off the car notes, Rob’s student loan and their home loan of about $200,000!

They didn't stop there however, they kept grinding and made it their business to build wealth and give themselves another level of freedom. Their share the steps that they took and how you can do the same.


  • Solutions for blended families finances
  • Why having an allowance as an adult will help you with your debt freedom journey
  • Having tough financial conversations will help your marriage
  • Why pre-marital counseling at church will help you with marital roles and responsibilities
  • The do’s and don’ts of real estate investing
  • What is a cash-out refinance, a ten thirty-one exchange, and a small multi-family rental


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On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, Justine Nelson, founder of Debt Free Millennials, shares her story of debt freedom.

She teaches her generation how to become a debt-free millennial, stay in control of their money and live that life that they love.



  • Why you should read books and blogs to enrich your knowledge about debt freedom
  • What a decision can do for you and your financial situation
  • How to become tenacious when it comes to paying off debt
  • Why a written budget is so important
  • How to give your money direction
  • How social media can help your business
  • Why it’s imperative to discuss finances with your spouse/partner
  • How to find a skill set that you can make money at
  • How to use a project management tool to track your tasks
  • What a business coach can do for you


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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, Brian and Cara join to discuss their journey to debt freedom. This young couple is debt free including their house. They have been married for 11 years and they have two children, a five and a three-year-old.

Their consumer debt (student loans, credit cards, car loans) that they paid off was about $50,000. But they didn't stop there, because they also went on to pay off their home mortgage.


  • Why the first step in the journey to financial freedom is the hardest
  • What to do with the poisonous words from neigh sayers
  • Which tools can help you on your journey
  • How to ignore the enemy and pursue your dreams
  • What to do when the struggles come along on your journey
  • How debt causes you to spend more money
  • How to leave a legacy for your future generations


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