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Do you think that the one thing that is holding you back from becoming debt-free, is that you don't earn a high income? Well, let today be the last time that you think that thought. We're going to prove to you that absolutely anybody, with any income, can buckle down and make debt freedom a reality for themselves and their family.

Today on The His & Her Money Show, we feature an interview with Bryant and Emily Adler from The Adler Debt Project. They share their story of destroying over $92,000 worth of debt in just 2.5 years! And the best part is that they were able to accomplish this on two teacher salaries. Their story is chalked full of determination and focus, which led them to achieve their financial goal of becoming debt-free.

Debt freedom is not mission impossible for you. People all across this great country of ours are setting off on their journey to become debt-free. Some people are at the start line, some have already crossed the finish line, and some people are right in the middle of their journey.

Today on The His & Her Money Show, we speak with Amy Robles. Amy stops by the show today to share her story of paying off $25,000 worth of debt in just 1 year! She speaks as someone who is right in the middle of her debt-free journey. Tune in to this episode and prepare to be enriched.

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If you are struggling with trying to figure out ways to cut back your expenses, then this episode of The His & Her Money Show is just for you. Today we talk with Rosemarie Groner from

She shares her story of how she was able to cut out over $23,000 from her family’s annual expenses. The best part of the story is that you can make some of the same moves that she made and come out with very similar results.

Today’s guest on The His and Her Money Show serves as a shining example of this new trend. In this episode, we interview Jeremy Jacobson from Go Curry Cracker, who has successfully retired while in his 30’s and is currently traveling the world with his wife and newborn baby. He shares exactly what steps he took to become fully retired at such a young age, and how you can follow in his footsteps.

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Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the same financial mess that you've been stuck in for years? If so, then you most definitely want to tune in to this episode of The His and Her Money Show. Today we're going to be outlining a plan that will help propel you to finally clean up your financial mess once and for all.

To assist today, we interview financial planner Dominique Brown from Your Finances Simplified. Dominique Brown is a husband, father, financial planner, author of the book How to Fix Your Credit and owner of S&D Capital Holdings. Dominique’s advice can be found on the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Yahoo, Madame Noir, HR Block, and Ebony Magazine.

Debt does not have to be a life sentence for you and your family. There are people all across the country who have finally gotten fed up with being in debt, and they're doing something about it. Today's guest on The His and Her Money Show is yet another shining example of this. 

In this episode, she shares her amazing story of how she and her family successfully eliminated $45,000 worth of debt in just 45 months. The most amazing part of their story is that they were not earning a high income during their debt-free journey. This story is full of ups and downs, but through hard work and dedication, Erika and Eric are now DEBT FREE!

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Have you taken the wise financial step of investing in your company's 401k plan? If you have not, then chances are you are throwing away free money for no reason. For a lot of people trying to figure out how to invest in a 401k or an IRA is so intimidating, that they chose not to participate at all. Research shows that only about 33% of employees are invested in the company's 401k plan and that is a very sad statistic.

To help you gain a better understanding of the details of both of these types of investment options, we brought on personal finance expert Barbara Friedberg from to help break it down for you. After you listen to this episode of The His and Her Money Show you will be fully equipped to go an invest in your future right away.