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Our guest today has a LOT to say about that. This episode of the His & Her Money Show, real estate superstar Rich Carey is stepping back in by popular demand for another information-packed episode!

The first time Rich came on the show with us three years ago in one of our most popular shows to date, he walked us through the beginning of his real estate investment journey, and today we're catching up on where he's at now and how his business has continued to grow ever since.


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Sometimes the process of becoming debt-free is a total life overhaul that takes a lot of hard work, a lot of time, and a whole lot of dedication from both sides, and a lot of questions can come along with it. What if one partner wants to pay off debt and the other one doesn't? How and where do we start? Will long-term commitment hurt our relationship?

Well, on this episode of the His & Her Money, we're answering some of those questions with Mike and Ashley, a debt-free couple who we can all learn a LOT from! Together, they cracked down on $57,000 worth of debt and knocked it all out super fast. Now they're trying to inspire others that getting out of debt is a big project to tackle, but with the right mindset and determination, it's not impossible!



  • How and when Mike and Ashley decided to eliminate their debt
  • The importance of staying on the same page as a couple while managing your personal finances
  • Talking money before marriage
  • How Mike and Ashley paid off their $57,000 in just 32 months
  • Ways to stay focused and resist spending temptation



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In this episode of the His & Her Money Show, Linda Gartz joined us live for some conversation about something that's a little bit less talked about: redlining. Whether you've heard of it or not, redlining was once a hot topic in segregated America. As Linda describes, if an African-American family - or, to a lesser extent, other races or nationalities - moved in a neighborhood or even an apartment, the entire neighborhood would be suddenly ineligible for loans.

Linda breaks down the history of redlining and her own experiences, reflecting on the aftermath of Martin Luther King Jr's assassination in her own childhood neighborhood and bringing forward the parallels between then and now. The Fair Housing Act ended official redlining but it's still so relevant in today's climate, and this is a chat you will NOT want to miss. Check out Linda's book for more and keep the conversation going!

Resources Mentioned


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On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we take that philosophy and run with it for some great, great conversation. Casanova takes us through it, from his childhood in Chicago to where he is today and everything that went down in between, the good and the bad. Casanova is a voice of nothing but inspiration, positivity, and light, and anybody can learn a thing or two from his mindset and practical advice for getting through the rough patches and coming out strong!

In his own words, he's built his life and success around one main thing: relationships. And obviously it's served him well! He has strong views on networking and cultivating strong relationships in work and life in general. Casanova also gives us some insight into how he's applied it to countless situations. 


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Here at His and Her Money, we're all about helping couples through every single aspect of life, big or small, be it financially, spiritually, or even in the marital realm itself. These are conversations that we as a community NEED to be having every day, and sometimes we even bring on another couple sit down with us and do exactly that.

Today, that couple is the Lindseys, joining us for an incredible episode of the His & Her Money Show. Cornelius and Heather are the very definition of a power couple. They've been married for 10 years and in that time, they've 23 books between them as well as started their own church, the Gathering Oasis, and so much more. And now they're here to walk us all through it!


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On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, Nicole Rule is at the mic to talk about financial independence, and how we can normalize the whole idea behind financial freedom to let everybody know that it IS achievable.

Nicole is a mom of four and a total entrepreneur, who's the owner of Greatest Worth and recently launched The Abundant Life Summit. She knows exactly what she's talking about and we know you'll want to hear it!



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Today on the His & Her Money Show, Ericka Young is back for another amazing episode around a topic that's definitely relevant today.

First of all, though, she's a seasoned financial coach, and after she and her husband achieved total debt-free financial freedom, she wants to spread that enthusiasm to others, helping couples and individuals manage their finances and maximize their money.

And her insight and nuggets of wisdom are more needed now than ever, so get ready for an information-packed conversation so you can soak up all this knowledge!



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Well, for this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we're all about the stock market, and we've brought in the expert to get the conversation started. Kevin L. Matthews II is a Top 10 financial advisor turned best-selling author who has helped hundreds of people plan for their retirement and manage their assets. So, we knew he was the guy to ask all your burning questions, and today he's bringing all the answers!

Kevin takes us through all aspects of the stock market, starting with the basics: figuring out what type of investor you are or want to be and how to get the ball rolling. From there, he breaks down picking stocks, index funds, fractional shares, and lets us in on his own personal philosophies for investing to success. 



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