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Many people get into debt not just because they spend too much, but at times circumstances arise in life where some feel forced to use their credit cards. Paying your debt sometimes involves sacrificing a lot of comfort and desires, but it doesn’t have to feel that way forever. We have a lot to cover as we talk with Mike and Tawra in this episode, as they share with you how they got out of their $20,000 debt despite only earning a $22,000 income.

Mike and Tawra went through fortuitous unfortunate events that caused them to slip deep into debt, even as they started off paying Mike’s initial debt before marriage. They were focused and had their minds made up that they were going to rid themselves of their debt once and for all. They put to practice some strategies that helped them spend less and get a better approach to spending their money wisely, even after paying their debt off.

Mike and Tawra provide lots of money-saving content on their site Living On A Dime. They also have plenty of books and eBooks available to help you minimize expenses on cooking, groceries, and lots more.

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In many cases, people may struggle with setting financial goals or keeping themselves on track to complete their goals. Oftentimes, this is more than likely due to communication problems. Talking about your goals is one thing, but what and how to talk about setting goals is another. Today, we have financial expert Michael F. Kay talk to us about his book (The Feel Rich Project) that introduces a different approach in integrating life into money, instead of the other way around.

Delving into financial progress isn’t simply about setting numbers and strategies to implement. Since money is also an emotional issue, people need to be aware of how they communicate in relation to creating their plans. In this episode, Michael teaches us about identifying the important factors to consider when building a comfortable and exciting financial plan that works for you, and that enables yourself to follow through with achieving your financial dreams.

Michael Kay started his career as a CPA before founding and becoming president of the multi-advisor financial life planning firm, Financial Life Focus. He writes and speaks about mastering your money mindset, and contributes to Forbes and Psychology Today. Michael wrote his new book, "The Feel Rich Project”, to help people without means for a financial planner. It is packed with worksheets and stories help inspire readers to reflect on their financial decisions.

Mike wrote the book to help people who can't find a planner, don't have the money to pay a planner, to really look at their money insides, and understand their beginning and numbers. Packed with worksheets and stories.

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Kristina's father's long and painful battle with brain cancer brought her family to a place of much emotional and financial struggle. As a result during her freshman year in high school, Kristina was told by her mother that she would need to figure how to pay for her college education herself.

She buckled down and gathered a plethora of information on what it takes to win college scholarships, thanks in great part to her mother's consistent encouragement and her sheer determination. Then with years of tenacity and preparation, she won over $500,000 in scholarships to go to the school of her dreams—debt-free!

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Shane and Jocelyn were two teachers who got tired of giving so much time of their lives to work for someone else, instead of using that time for the things that they were passionate about.

They risked their sense of security so that they can take control of their lives and build their own dream; spending more time with their children while gaining income at their own time and pace.

Starting from a typical teacher’s salary, Shane and Jocelyn researched, learned, and created a highly successful online business, and are now earning more income in a month than they used to make in a year.

Student loans and the struggle to pay for them, has been the norm for the majority of fresh college graduates. Breaking out of the norm in many ways is one thing people might want to consider, in order to secure a more relaxing life the soonest.

In this episode, we interview Kevin who graduated from law school with $87,000 of student loan debt to a debt-free life in 2 1/2 years. 

Kevin didn't want to feel trapped earning the paycheck in order to pay the student loans. He took great discipline from the start of his career and carried out certain strategies and mindset to get rid of his loans as fast as he could. Learn more about Kevin from his blog: The Financial Panther

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Student loan debt is a point of stress for many people these days. We recognize that for some, the very thought or mention of student loans sends them into an emotional tailspin.

In an effort to alleviate some of that stress we put together an episode of The His & Her Money Show that will serve as the definitive guide to student loan debt.

Our guest today, Robert Farrington, is a Millennial Money Expert and the founder of  The College Investor. There you will find a wealth of free information, a student loan forum, and services Robert offers to help millennials beat debt and start investing.

Samuel and Kirstie started their marriage off with over $50,000 of debt staring them in the face. They made the bold decision to attack their debt with veracity because they didn't want it to deter the dreams and ambitions that they had for their lives. Due to their focus and determination, they were able to become debt-free in a matter of only 15 months!

Samuel and Kirstie are the founders of Fresh Start Financial Education LLC, where their goal is to equip, inform, empower, and encourage financial literacy and responsibility. Their company gives you the tools necessary to take control of your finances, pay off debt, and build wealth. 

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Comparison is everywhere! So many people today are trying to live a life they simply can’t afford and they go broke in their attempts to “keep up with the Joneses” in their neighborhood, at the PTA meeting, or on social media.

In this episode of The His & Her Money Show, Rachel Cruze teaches us how to focus on what’s important in life and steps that we can take financially to live the life that we really want – one that’s free of debt, stress, and worry. Most importantly Rachel teaches you how to love your life, not theirs.

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