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We've said it before, but we'll say it again: His & Her Money Show isn't just a financial podcast. We're a platform to raise and discuss the issues that are relevant today, be it money, marriage, faith...or sometimes all of the above! We listen and we hear you, and we hope you're as excited as we are for some much-needed conversation with a much-request guest speaker!

For this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we've got Jemar Tisby in the house to talk race, religion, and taking action. Jemar is a hot topic with his new book, The Color of Compromise, and we're so happy we got him on today to drop facts and wisdom on the racial divide, and most specifically, what our Christian church can do -- and what is ISN'T doing -- to help curve the disconnect and, hopefully, start to heal the world.



  • What inspired Jemar to write The Color of Compromise
  • Looking back on segregation and how it reflects on today
  • The role that the church has played in systemic racism
  • The importance of practicing what one preaches
  • Unpacking the racial division in America and the many ways it presents itself



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On today's episode of the His & Her Money Show, entrepreneur extraordinaire and full-time YouTuber Ryan Scribner is coming in to drop his secrets all about it, from generating income through social media and how he went from working the 9-to-5 to bringing in $1,000 per DAY.

Ryan juggles his financial blog Investing Simple and a self-named YouTube channel, where he averages a million views per month and spreads the word on how everybody listening can kick start their own entrepreneurship journey and take total control of their finances all at the same time.

In this episode, Ryan is dropping so many tips and practical advice about making money through social media. He discusses YouTube in particular.

We discuss maintaining and keeping track of your channel, deciding to get started and tackling the basics, and staying focused and getting your numbers up. It's a ride and you won't want to miss out. Get your note-taking supplies out and ready and soak up as much as you can!



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Today on the His & Her Money Show, we're talking with Pongee Barnes: wife, mom, and real estate investment rockstar. Pongee and her husband have an impressive real estate portfolio, and even more than that, an impressive outlook on life with their two young boys. 

They're outspoken advocates about the importance of teaching and setting up our children (especially our black children) for the future, not just financially, but with knowledge. Giving our children the tools to succeed sounds like a no-brainer but we might be surprised how many kids grow up without the know-how or even the can-do to be successful once they're out in the world.


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On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we've got the best person in the house today to talk about all that. A serial entrepreneur: Ericka Williams, businesswoman extraordinaire who wears so many hats, it's almost hard to keep track.

Ericka was exposed to entrepreneurship at a young age and there was just no turning back for her. Now, Ericka uses her platform to promote self-made businesses while managing her own income streams and absolutely thriving.


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On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we're giving Dr. Lynn Richardson the floor to bring out some of her strategies, insight, and wisdom on reviving 2020 and ending this year strong for 2021.

We love talking to Lynn and it's a fact that you'll learn a whole lot sitting in on any conversation with her, especially today -- so get your note-taking supplies on standby to get down all these nuggets of wisdom she's about to drop!

What You Will Learn

  • Getting your strategy together and putting it to work
  • The importance of adaption and making new moves
  • The power of making "new money memories"
  • Lynn's fourth-quarter gameplan
  • The importance of running your own business

Resources Mentioned


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We're so excited to share this episode of the His & Her Money Show! Our good friend Allison Baggerly from Inspired Budget is here and she's a bit of an expert on total debt elimination. You wouldn't be surprised, because she and her husband paid off $100,000+ worth of debt in four years!

Now, she's using her platform to help others, specifically, women, learn to eliminate debt and keep it gone for good through budgeting and taking total control of their finances -- and you can learn too!



  • The importance of multiple streams of income, and how Allison utilizes them
  • Recognizing your own money habits, the good and the bad, and figuring out what might need to change
  • The moment Allison and her husband decided to pay off their debt
  • How Allison turned her debt-free story into a business
  • Staying on track while you're paying off your debt




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Kerry Lampkin is here with us today on the His & Her Money Show and we couldn't be more hyped about it. Kerry is a self-made real estate investor and entrepreneur extraordinaire, who blasted his investment portfolio from zero to $3.4 billion in just four years. Four years!

That's right, Kerry learned the business and jumped in with both feet to build a wholesale empire and he's here to take us through every aspect of the journey, from beginning to now, and everything he learned along the way.


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