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We're so excited to share this episode of the His & Her Money Show! Our good friend Allison Baggerly from Inspired Budget is here and she's a bit of an expert on total debt elimination. You wouldn't be surprised, because she and her husband paid off $100,000+ worth of debt in four years!

Now, she's using her platform to help others, specifically, women, learn to eliminate debt and keep it gone for good through budgeting and taking total control of their finances -- and you can learn too!



  • The importance of multiple streams of income, and how Allison utilizes them
  • Recognizing your own money habits, the good and the bad, and figuring out what might need to change
  • The moment Allison and her husband decided to pay off their debt
  • How Allison turned her debt-free story into a business
  • Staying on track while you're paying off your debt




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