The His and Her Money Show

On today's episode of the His & Her Money Show, entrepreneur extraordinaire and full-time YouTuber Ryan Scribner is coming in to drop his secrets all about it, from generating income through social media and how he went from working the 9-to-5 to bringing in $1,000 per DAY.

Ryan juggles his financial blog Investing Simple and a self-named YouTube channel, where he averages a million views per month and spreads the word on how everybody listening can kick start their own entrepreneurship journey and take total control of their finances all at the same time.

In this episode, Ryan is dropping so many tips and practical advice about making money through social media. He discusses YouTube in particular.

We discuss maintaining and keeping track of your channel, deciding to get started and tackling the basics, and staying focused and getting your numbers up. It's a ride and you won't want to miss out. Get your note-taking supplies out and ready and soak up as much as you can!



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