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Today's guest for this episode of the His & Her Money show knows ALL about that. DeShena Woodard used to be in debt - lots and lots of debt. And even worse, she didn't know what to do with it. First of all, she had a limited view of money.

Growing up, her parents put in the hours, but somehow her family stayed broke - from the looks of it, going to work just meant paying the bills and that was that. So, she followed the rule book: college and career. But ironically, college was when Deshena officially started her debt spiral.

Now they're living 100% debt free and today, DeShena runs a blog called Extravagantly Broke where she's empowered to help others find their financial grip and kick debt right out of their lives - just like she did! 



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For this episode of His & Her Money, the topic is faith: keeping it alive within our families and helping our kids of all ages better understand God. Our guest is Scott James, a rockstar dad of four and a pediatric surgeon. So far, he's written two fantastic biblical books for kids and parents and he's here to break down his latest, Where is Wisdom? A Treasure Hunt Through God's Wondrous World.

Scott is an Elder in his church and devoted to spreading the spirit of God, building up that faith in his own kids, and providing tools and encouragement for other parents to do the same. He talks about his writing process and the inspiration behind WHERE IS WISDOM, as well as laying the groundwork for "faithful plotting" and a practical approach to teaching your kids about God, simply and effectively. Scott's words are so important today, so we hope you're taking some notes and leaving this episode feeling inspired!

Follow Scott on Twitter for even more @scott_h_james!


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On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we're talking with a couple who's done exactly that and hit total debt freedom. Louis and Rachel started their marriage with Louis' student loans, then a car loan and a few credit cards later, they found themselves in some serious debt. But once they decided to tackle it, they went all in, and they eliminated $80,000 worth of debt in just two and a half years!



  • Deciding as a couple to eliminate their debt
  • How Louis and Rachel cut back and started saving
  • Ignoring distractions and naysayers and keeping your head in the game
  • The importance of considering and establishing generational wealth
  • The turning point when Louis and Rachel decided they didn't want to be in debt anymore
  • Louis and Rachel's secrets to staying motivated going debt-free
  • Advice for couples on handling finances as a team




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On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, AJ and Khalil are taking over to share their journey into debt freedom and help get you on track to start one of your own! He's a research and development scientist, she's a business executive, and together they founded Marriage Inside Out.

They coach other couples through the ups and downs and ins and outs of marriage, family, finances, and more! So basically, these two are total professionals and know exactly what they're talking about, so it's no surprise to us that this smart money couple managed to kick their $97,000 debt in just three years - and keep listening to find out how!



  • How Khalil and AJ got their debt freedom story started and how they kept it going
  • Their modified debt snowball effect
  • Tips and strategies to going debt-free
  • Unpacking budgets - why they're important, how they work, and sticking to it
  • Different ways Khalil and AJ saved money towards their debt-free process




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Here at His & Her Money, we like to cover all the bases when it comes to family life, and parenting our children is a huge part of that. Every parent just wants to set their kids upright, so today we're tackling a ridiculously important and ridiculously under-discussed topic around protecting our kids: internet security. 

On today's episode of the His & Her Money Show, we've got Chelsea Brown on board to break it all down for us. Chelsea is an ethical hacker, which means she's a web wizard with a cybersecurity degree to back it up.

Her peers' experiences with cyberbullying and doxing back in the Myspace days inspired her career path, and today her job is all about navigating the internet and all the technology that comes along with it, and coaching parents how to keep their kids safe in a space that's not always kid-friendly.

Check out Chelsea and learn more at!



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In this episode of the His & Her Money Show, we can't even tell you how excited we are to have some experts on the subject. We're talking with our friends, entrepreneur power couple Kev and Melissa AKA KevOnStage, and MrsKevOnStage.

These two are the real deal - they're in the Hollywood game and seriously hustling, and are a huge inspiration to anybody wondering what finances, business, and teamwork look like from a marital perspective. 

Sometimes getting on the same page hustle-wise with your partner seems like an uphill battle, especially when only one side has the entrepreneurial energy, but Melissa and Kev are sharing their story from the ground up to get everybody caught up and looking in the right direction.


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