The His and Her Money Show

When it comes to becoming a millionaire, most of us think it’s possible only under a few circumstances:

  1. You own a really big business or create a super successful product
  2. You win the lottery
  3. You have a very, very rich family

But Bryce Leung and Kristy Shen didn’t fall into any of those categories. Kristy had moved to the middle class from poverty. Bryce was a middle-class engineer who was trying to move up the ranks of what he thought was the American dream. Both Kristy and Bryce were just a middle-class couple who had enough of the rat race...and they became millionaires and retired.

Did we mention that they were only in their 30’s? 



  • How did this couple come up with the idea that they could become millionaires?
  • Christy’s journey from living on 44 cents per day in China to a millionaire
  • The reason Christy decided she had to get out of the rat race and make money a new way
  • The resources Kristy and Bryce used to get started on their journey to a million dollars
  • Why retirement isn’t about age
  • The easy 4% rule that Christy and Bryce suggest to calculate your retirement number
  • Why Bryce chose to invest in index funds as one of his million-dollar strategies
  • Why Bryce and Kristy decided NOT to buy a house as an investment (when everyone else they knew was)
  • How Kristy’s early experiences in poverty were a strength...and liability to a wealth mindset
  • Why the survival mindset helps you survive in the short term but hurts your money in the long term
  • How Kristy and Bryce joined the strengths of their backgrounds to become a wealthy couple
  • Why you must rely on yourself to get your financial freedom
  • How to deal with a saver that starts getting rich
  • The importance of creating your own financial freedom  your way
  • Why you can start your path to a million-dollar future today
  • Wealth-hacking habits that will save money without hurting the quality of your life
  • Wealth-hacking habits to make money while you’re traveling
  • Why financial peace of mind is good for your health and society
  • Why Kristy and Bryce are passionate about creating more wealth builders



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