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This debt-free story focuses on getting on the same financial page as a married couple. Both Ashley and David Garrison were trying to live the American Dream.

They ended up over $75,000 in debt.

Getting to a debt-free lifestyle took some adjusting, however. As Ashley shares, creating a budget and budget meetings was something David and Ashley had o adjust to. But once they did, they ended up paying off their debt in less than 2 years. 



  • How to convince your spouse that debt is a problem 
  • Staying encouraged and persistent while talking with a reluctant spouse about debt
  • Staying motivated when you’re beginning on your debt-free journey
  • Handling money resentment and strife as a couple 
  • The importance of faith in Ashley and David’s debt-free journey
  • Having budget meetings as a couple
  • Dealing with your partner when budget meetings get intense
  • The unique ways David and Ashley saved and made money on their debt-free journey
  • Allocating new money to your budget after you start making money
  • Why Ashley and David left room in the budget for fun and relaxation
  • Why Ashley and David chose the debt snowball method (and why you should consider it too!)
  • Future goals of David and Ashley as a debt-free couple



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