The His and Her Money Show

Supplementing your income with a side hustle can make a world of difference when it comes to paying down debt or boosting your savings. Today’s guest has been able to do both. 

After Julie and her husband paid off over $90,000 in debt, she was able to take her side hustles to another level when she started to make money on Etsy.

As a new mom balancing a full-time job and two other side hustles including her blog, Millenial Boss and show the Fire Drill Podcast, Julie has managed to add an additional $6,000 to her income since starting her Etsy store, The Swag Elephant.

Julie shares what she's learned in starting up this lucrative hustle and how with the use of digital products, she’s been able to create a semi-passive flow of income for her and her family.

Listen in to learn how you can do the same and why established platforms like Etsy are prime for launching any good product— even if you don't have one crafty bone in your body.

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