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It's one thing to start the journey to debt freedom as an individual, but tackling your debt as a couple means working as a team. Like most things in marriage, showing up debt as a united front is the key to making the journey smooth. Sometimes this can be hard, and other times it's a unanimous decision, and either way, we love sitting down with smart money couples to talk about how they manage marriage, family, and finances.

On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we're joined by Caleb and Rachel Mathias from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to talk about their debt free journey, and how they destroyed $45,000 of debt in just 16 months! This is an amazing feat, but coming so fresh into their marriage, it wasn't always an easy one. But once they got off the ground, Caleb and Rachel were focused and determined to reach their goals, and now they're living completely debt free!

Caleb and Rachel started their marriage off with approximately $45,000 of debt between them - mostly student loans, with car loans and consumer credit card debt. It was nothing they couldn't handle. But they both had great-paying jobs and weren't living extravagantly, so...why were they dipping into their savings to pay the bills? That was the turning point where they decided to take a good look at their finances, find out where their money was really going, and get serious about eliminating their debt and paving the road towards financial freedom.

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