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Teamwork is a big deal in all aspects of relationships, but when it comes down to money, you HAVE to be on the same page. Here at the His & Her Money Show, we're always interested in hearing how different couples are tackling their finances, especially when it comes to total debt elimination. Sometimes it can be a tricky slope, but on today's episode, we've got Danielle, aka Amore Salute, sharing all about how she and her boyfriend paid off $325,134 worth of debt in just 4 years!

Danielle and her boyfriend are both super savers. Already sharing a good money mindset was essential to starting their debt-free journey. When they bought their house, they immediately knew they wanted to pay it all off as soon as possible and knock out the rest of their student loans right along with it. And did they ever!

Today Danielle is taking us play-by-play through their debt elimination strategies, from the moment they decided to turn over a new financial leaf, to wealth-building and the lucrative re-selling side hustle that Danielle discovered unexpectedly. You won't want to miss out on this one!


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