The His and Her Money Show

In this episode of the His and Her Money Show, we talk with Marcia about her debt-free journey. We’ll cover how faith sparked Marcia’s drive to get rid of her debt, how she stayed on track, and what she is doing now as a person free of debt.



  • How faith pushed Marcia Armstrong to finally take care of her debt
  • The tools and resources Marcia you used to start getting out of debt...and remain out of debt
  • How to increase your income  to help you pay off debt faster
  • How Marcia celebrated that last payment that set her free from debt
  • How Marcia developed a public speaking career from scratch
  • How to stay accountable during your debt-free journey
  • What she is enjoying after becoming debt-free
  • Why Marcia says getting debt-free was bigger than one person




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