The His and Her Money Show

Sometimes, beginning your debt-free journey requires making some financial mistakes.

Danielle Martin, a single, recently graduated college student, had to get herself about 39k in student loan, car loan, and credit card debt before she finally shifted her mindset and took steps towards paying off her debt.

Although she left college with 13k in student loan debt, about six months out of college, she not only moved out of her parents’ house and into an apartment, sending half of her paycheck to rent, but also decided to buy a car, taking out another 23k in loans. 

She had more than doubled her debt within her first month of moving into an apartment, and rather than saving up and paying it off, she continued to spend her money on shopping. It wasn’t until both her debit card and credit card had been declined that she finally realized she needed to make some lifestyle changes.



  • Shifting your mindset to take steps towards eliminating debt
  • Staying motivated by celebrating every win
  • Making sacrifices early to invest in your future




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