The His and Her Money Show

There are debt-free stories, and then there’s the story of Freddie and Sahirenys.

This couple was not only able to clear $90,000+ in debt but also saved enough money to leave their jobs, start a business, get married, and raise two kids.

On top of that, Sahirenys and Freddie did this in 5 years!



  • Why your debt-free journey and budgeting approach should be personal to your situation
  • How the Recession affected the way Freddie and Sahirenys looked at their debt
  • Having conversations with your partner to make sure you are focused on the same financial goals
  • Changing the conversation about student loans: The conversation Freddie and Sahirenys had about student loans 
  • How the Recession changed Sahirenys and Freddie’s approach to a debt-free life
  • How Sahirenys and Freddie set up an emergency fund while building a business and raising a family
  • How they dealt with a family medical emergency...and kept up with their debt freedom plan
  • Developing skills that allow you to get multiple jobs
  • What to do about personal finance when your life doesn’t fit the textbook
  • Why families of color need to share their debt freedom stories and have access to the right resources
  • Balancing short-term and long-term needs in your budget as a couple
  • The High 5 Banking Method




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