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One of the reasons most of us don’t want to tackle the debt is fear. We don’t want to risk failure.

Najee and Jennifer don’t see it that way.

They see the risk in NOT tackling your debt and they share why in this episode.

They share their journey and the unique strategies that took them from $80,000 down to $11,000 in student and car loans in just 3 years.



  • How Najee and Jennifer both got on board with their debt freedom budget, even though they have different spending styles
  • The one thing that put Najee and Jennifer on track to cut their debt
  • Why they automated the spending process to control their finances
  • Why Najee and Jennifer chose not to travel during their debt-free journey
  • The big mental switch that helped Najee switch from being a spender to a saver in their debt-free journey
  • Why a vacation may not be what you think
  • Jennifer’s and Najee’s unique strategies to stay on the debt-free track
  • Encouraging your spouse or partner during their debt-free journey
  • An easy-to-use visual reminder to help you stay on track with debt
  • What to do when you make a mistake during your big-free journey





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There are plenty of courses that teach you how to “run the numbers” when it comes to picking stocks on Wall Street, but there are very few people talking about the two most essential factors behind those numbers, discipline, and behavior. 

This is why Dr. Crosby and the His & Her Money tackle the issue of your brain and investing. The more you know about your mindset and behavior toward money is a powerful skill that will return a nice profit to your wallet.



  • Passing on financial literacy to the next generation
  • Helping the next generation start investing- -and why they should start early
  • Why is investing in Wall Street so complicated?
  • Why investing is great for fund managers, but no so great for the average individual investor
  • What kind of investments should we be looking at?
  • Why expenses are very important in investing
  • How to diversity your portfolio...and why it should be a global 
  • How to deal with psychological roadblocks that keep you from investing
  • Why you should invest in more than stock (aka yourself)




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In this episode, Reginald and Pamela share the first steps they took to get out of debt and how they made the transition into full-time entrepreneurs and homeschooling parents. 

They also share how they balance their unique approaches to money (Pamela is the visionary and Reginald is the number cruncher) to build two profitable businesses that work for their family.

Oh...and did we for that both of these businesses without debt.

On top of that,  they also bought 41 acres of land in cash. 



  • How a nursing career led Pamela to entrepreneurship
  • Balancing a risk-taking personality vs visionary in a relationship
  • Balancing entrepreneurship and getting out of debt at the same time
  • Financially surviving as a family when you take a leap of faith
  • How Reginald and Palmer relied on faith to take strategic leaps
  • How Pamela developed a new business based on need
  • The sacrifices Reginald and Palmer had to take on their debt-free journey
  • Pamela’s and Reginald's perspective shift on debt and wealth
  • How Reginald and Pamela built two multi-million dollar businesses...without debt
  • How to grow a debt-free business





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In this episode, George Howard shares his story of how he transitioned from failure to tax sales guru and his strategy for picking the right property in a tax lien sale to buying the right properties so you can build an income stream that will bring you closer to your dreams.



  • George’s story of turning $500 into an investment that became 100 properties and a business...without debt
  • Why almost anyone can buy a tax lien
  • The different types of tax liens you can buy and the different types of sales you can get them
  • The $500 investment that became a $200,000 reward for a savvy tax lien investor  
  • Do I need a license to buy a lien?
  • Do I need an attorney?
  • How should you prepare for a tax sale?
  • Does every state have a tax sale?
  • How do you decide if a property is worth it?
  • Why you shouldn’t get overly emotional off any sale in investing
  • Is a building an asset or a liability? How about land?
  • How do you know which properties to hold and which ones to sell?
  • Should you ever use debt to invest?
  • Why (and how) he’s preparing for an economic crash



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On the His & Her Money Show, we’ve covered real estate investing from a lot of different angles:...but never live this.

As Byron and Sharnice lost their jobs and needed a reliable source of income. Byron had tried real estate investing a few years before but was never able to make it a good profit.

Then one day, Byron heard a podcast about a very interesting real estate investing opportunity with very low cash and didn’t require having a perfect score.

That opportunity was investing in mobile homes.

Find out how Byron and Sharnice took this investing opportunity (that most of us didn’t hear about) and turned it into new streams of income for their family and education for a whole new kind of investor.

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Today’s episode features another couple’s debt-freedom journey...with a twist. Like all of the other couples we’ve interviewed, Brad and Tara worked together to conquer a mountain of debt. The difference between Brad and Tara’s story is their path toward debt freedom. 

This couple’s debt-free journey included two full-time jobs, a profitable side business, two kids, a death in the family, and a move to a new home.

If you’re ready to hear how this couple conquered over $180,000 in debt in a little over two years while running a business and two full-time jobs..and came out on the other side more appreciative of the “ordinary life”, you don’t want to miss out on this episode.

Brad Finn is a physics teacher and owner of a profitable small business (brewery) who was earning a 6-figure salary. After realizing that he was losing money on his expensive lifestyle, he followed his wife Tara on a debt-cutting journey. You can find out more about him on his website, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter  

Tara Finn is also a teacher, Mom, Crossfitter, and marathoner who inspired and supported Brad through a debt-free journey to conquer a 6-figure debt and turn it into financial freedom. You can find out more about her on Instagram

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For  Jason Butler, the journey to debt freedom is not a straightforward path, but it is real. 

Inspired by other money bloggers, he made a goal of paying off his debt in 3 years.

As he says, “He failed miserably.”

But that failure sparked a new side hustle empire (powered by eBay) for Jason.

That journey, along with strategies, is what Jason shares in this episode of The His & Her Money Show. Jason shares some of his top flips (and duds) while sharing his strategy for keeping costs low, managing inventory, and making the transition to owning your own store. 



  • The up and down realities of a debt-free journey
  • Finding the right side hustle for you
  • The process behind Jason choosing eBay as a key side hustle
  • Best flips Jason made on eBay
  • Biggest mistakes eBay newbies make 
  • How do you find the right items to resell on eBay?
  • Controlling costs on eBay: How much do you spend buying items?
  • Shipping: How do you avoid high shipping costs?
  • Managing your eBay inventory 
  • Pricing strategies: Buy it Now (Fixed price) vs eBay Auction
  • Jason’s eBay & debt-free goals for the future
  • Should you start with an eBay store first?
  • ll of the stuff (like loan requirements) when you’re investing?





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