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We connected with today's guest years ago but we're just now making this episode of the His & Her Money Show happen - but it's better late than never! We've got Damien Peters in for you, founder and CEO of Wealthy Noir, where he's keeping black entrepreneurs and the whole world up to date on budgeting, investing, and unlocking the greatest key to success: making your money MAKE money!

This is a man who wears a lot of hats. Damien has real estate portfolios, a consulting business, has worked at Facebook, and is up to so much more, all while managing work time and family time without breaking a sweat. So, how did he go from his computer science degree and Silicon Valley to helping young professionals master their finances? It's a great story, and he's more than happy to lay it all out for us. 



  • Finding your work/life balance
  • Learning to think beyond the budget
  • How Damien has built and maintained his success through smart money moves and management
  • What are Robo advisors?
  • Keeping track of your money and knowing where it all goes once it comes in
  • The importance of emergency funds
  • Damien's debt story
  • Getting started in investing, the basics
  • Damien walks us through his top real estate investment strategies
  • how Damien and his wife make their budget work
  • Staying focused by setting practical goals and hitting them hard




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