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Making that first step as a couple to pay off your debt is a huge learning curve for you and your partner. It might look like a long, long road ahead, but if you work together to stay on track, the process can be faster than you thought.

On this episode of the His & Her Money Show, one of our very own smart money couples, Kendrick and LaTasha from Missouri City, Houston, are putting out some hard facts on how they jumped the hurdles to achieve financial freedom and paid off their $53,637.60 debt in 22 months! LaTasha was initially inspired by a coworker to start eliminating their debt. The couple already had a good foundation: they were already living below their means, but once they busted out the calculators and started crunching their numbers, they quickly realized how they could cut way back.

Today, Kendrick and LaTasha and here to share all about their debt-free journey, how they got to the sweet day of that last payment and spreading even the word on their couponing strategies. You're gonna get some great pearls of wisdom from their wild ride and we hope you can apply it to your own road to financial freedom!


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