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Here at the His & Her Money Show, we love hearing debt-free stories, especially from smart money couples who got their head in the game and are crushing all their financial goals. In today's episode, we're talking with a couple whose story is a little bit different than the norm. Three years ago, Curt and Wendy kickstarted their debt-free ride with over 20 years of marriage, 6 kids, two full-time jobs, and $1,000,000 in debt between them.

Yeah, you heard that right: a MILLION dollars.

This couple is working on doing the impossible, paying off their monster debt and socking away money for their future and their kids. Today they share their strategy, mindset, budget tips, and how they even sold their SoCal house to tackle real estate investment to generate income. It's a crazy journey and they're not done yet - they've eliminated $650,000 of debt so far and can't wait to cross that financial independence finish line!


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