The His and Her Money Show

There are questions we all ask ourselves: am I making enough money? Is it going to the right places? How do I keep building wealth and make the most of it without breaking the budget? These questions might be open-ended, but there ARE answers, and we hope you'll find some of those by tuning in with us today!

This episode of His and Her Money, we dig deep into getting the most out of our income potential with Art Rainer. He's a writer, speaker, husband and father, and a motivator, looking out to help others hit all their financial goals. Today we're talking about his latest book, Find More Money: Increase Your Income to Tackle Debt, Save Wisely, and Live Generously, and breaking down how to make a few changes and best optimize our income to live the life you've always wanted.

Art is laying it all out for us in this one, sharing the mindset and resources behind his God-first approach to finances and the tools he's used to build his own empire while inspiring everybody within his reach to do the same. From hitting the books and evaluating your debt elimination process, to launching your side hustle, Art is a voice of reason to us all and can light the fire under you to get your finances right and start reaching your goals today!


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