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We've all heard about toxic people and relationships. Even if you don't realize it at first, not everyone in your life is going to be a positive influence and it's easier than you might think to miss the red flags of a toxic person in your circle. Sometimes we do notice, but we just don't want to act on it.

The His & Her Money Show isn't just a financial podcast - we're here to help you with life, marriage, and all things in between, and today's guest is here to do just that. Dr. Laura Dabney is a psychiatrist specializing in psychotherapy, and an expert on identifying toxic people and relationships and helping others figure out just what to do with them. Whether it's a friend, partner, or family member, there are steps you can take to distance yourself and either cut ties completely or put in some work to better the relationship.

Laura breaks it down for us with some invaluable tips for avoiding the negative influence of others and surrounding yourself with the positives. Her pearls of wisdom can apply to all sorts of situations - yes, even financially - and we hope you can implement them into your lives and break any toxic cycle you might find yourselves in.


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