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A sizable amount from a savings account and a small amount of money from a lawsuit settlement were the two methods that our guest today used to pay off her $62,000 debt in a little over a year. 

Kiara lost her job right when she had a plan to pay off her student’s loan debt in 8 years or maybe 5 years if she worked hard enough. But that suddenly took on a different turn when she suddenly got fired and she had to sue her former employer. 

Kiara shares how being an avid saver helped her pay off her debt faster even when she did not have a stable job. She also shares how the sacrifice of living at home helped her pay off her debt faster than most people.

Listen in to learn how Kiara has a principal of saving 10% of her income whether she is employed, underemployed or unemployed. You will also learn how she used the snowball method when consolidating her loans- which is basically paying off the smaller loans with the largest interests first.

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