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Teamwork is so imperative in marriage. Loving and supporting each other gives a great foundation to work and play together. And trust goes a long long way to secure unity. On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, Robert and Tammira Lucas tell us their story. 

Tammira describes herself as a serial entrepreneur, mom, and wife as well as a business professor in Baltimore. She is the founder of Moms As Entrepreneurs in underserved communities.

She launched her own co-working space for mothers which provides babysitting services for moms. Another company she runs, The Business Dr, provides strategic marketing solutions for social media and business consulting. 

Robert started in business with his father, running a home service for carpet cleaning which grew to a good level. He branched out and now owns his own used car dealership. He was born to be an entrepreneur. 


What You Will Learn In This Episode

  • How to support your spouse
  • How to just go for it
  • Strategies to research your idea
  • Ways to properly handle failures and mistakes
  • How to surrender to God and chill out
  • How to include your children


Resources Mentioned


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