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Real estate investment is a long-term game that can reap some incredible benefits. However, buying a single home most likely won’t lead you towards complete financial independence.

Today, a real estate investing couple, Mark and Tamiel, are here to share their experience and journey into real estate syndication and how they are using this to build generational wealth and choice-filled lives for their children

Real estate syndication is, in short, group purchasing. It allows the average person to collectively gather money with other investors to buy properties that they would not be able to buy individually. 

Mark and Tamiel turned towards purchasing larger, multi-family units or apartment buildings because the track they were on would only lead them to financial independence late in life.



  • Ways to get involved in real estate syndication
  • Differences between single-home and multi-unit investments
  • How to find trustworthy and reliable partners
  • Factors to consider before investing
  • How to manage and divide revenue for multi-unit investments
  • What to look for in an investment area
  • How to come up with the capital for an initial investment





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