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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, another amazing and insightful conversation is shared as we have the CEO and Co-Founder of Trim, Thomas Smyth, here to give us helpful tips and share his expertise on how to cut your expenses and save more money!

Thomas describes how Trim helps folks improve their savings rate and the amount of money on their pockets, and why according to statistics, 57% households have less than a thousand dollars saved.

He emphasizes that financial education and choosing the right options are the keys to financial health. You can start by getting good habits, starting with small stuff and doing away with some things you don’t really need.

There are tons of opportunities out there to save more. He explains two types of savings, the hard and easy one; how Trim negotiates bills; ways to get you to save your money here and there on some of your bills that will benefit you as you work hard to get your money moving it in the right direction!


  • Why you need to take savings seriously
  • Some fantastic ways to save your money
  • Which area you should focus on to hit your savings goal
  • How Trim will help you save $10- $15 a month on your subscription bills
  • Why it is important to track each dollar
  • How Trim protects Amazon purchases
  • How Trim’s security works for consumers


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