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On today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, an amazing entrepreneurial journey is shared! We’ve got on the successful freelance writer, Virtual Assistant, and mother of two, Gina Horkey, to share her experience as freelancer and tips on how to become an effective VA!

Gina started writing on the side while working at a full-time job. She woke up early in the morning and did side hustling, but soon was tired of working a traditional job and decided to make a change. She wanted something different and more passionate about than working in the corporate world.


  • How Gina figured out what type of business she’d wanted to go into
  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • How a newbie can do a self-evaluation to determine which VA jobs to pursue
  • What are the prerequisites for potential Vas?
  • What are the different ways to win clients?
  • The importance of continual learning and staying updated on the latest trends
  • Who possesses quality VA jobs?


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