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Here at His & Her Money, we know there's nothing more important when it comes to managing your finances as a smart money couple than being a united front. This goes for all things money (and marriage!) related, but it's especially necessary when you're talking about debt. The journey to debt freedom is often full of sacrifices and big life changes along the way - and sometimes even a total lifestyle overhaul - and if you're not on the same page, the back and forth struggle can put a major strain on your end goal AND your relationship. But with dedication, faith, and togetherness, any couple can fight the good fight and come out the other side strong!

On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, we've got a couple that did just that. Get ready for an incredible debt elimination story. Kerry and Kamille once had over $111,000 in debt, between credit cards and student loans, and it was just getting bigger. Once they truly started feeling the weight, they knew it was time to break free - and just 21 months later, they did! Now they're living completely debt free, and keep listening to find out how they did it!

Right before Kerry graduated college, the couple went on an 11-night celebration trip to the Caribbean. It was expensive, but they figured they'd pay it off over time. It wasn't long after, though, that they both started thinking about how much debt was piling up on their credit cards. It was obvious that eliminating their debt was the next logical step, for their finances and their marriage moving forward, and Kerry was already considering their options when Kamille suggested they go to Dave Ramsey's Financial Peace University. One class and they were hooked! Paying off their debt became a discipline, and just like anything, there were hiccups along the way - but there was no stopping them. And now, just 21 months later, Kerry and Kamille have paid off their debt completely, and they couldn't be happier!


  • Why you shouldn't be content being average
  • When Kerry and Kamille decided to eliminate their debt
  • The importance of accountability and "accountability partner" benefits
  • Kerry and Kamile's faith began their approach to debt freedom
  • Different ways Kerry and Kamille budgeted and saved money
  • How to stay focused and disciplined


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