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There are few things we champion more than taking up a good side hustle. Whether you're paying off debt, saving up for that dream vacation, or even just looking to profit from a new creative outlet, there are countless ways to generate extra income. And the best part is, sometimes your side hustles can turn into something so much more! Walking dogs, teaching yoga, graphic design...these can all be transformed from passion projects to lucrative businesses, but one of the most popular and profitable side hustles is starting a blog. We know you've heard about this before, and you might still have your doubts. So keep listening!

On today's episode of The His & Her Money Show, things are about to get interesting! We've brought on a great friend and an even MORE amazing blogger, Rosemarie Groner, to share her experiences in the blogosphere and tell us all about her incredible success story. When Rosemarie started her blog, The Busy Budgeter, she had an idea of what she wanted her end goal to be but, just like you, didn't know if she'd succeed. And in 10 months, her readership and income blossomed into a full-time income and beyond, and now she's making $100,000 a month! We'd call that a success!

Of course, blogging wasn't the first career Rosemarie envisioned herself having. She was a state trooper for 9 years, but as a wife and mom, due to her crazy unpredictable schedule, she knew she didn't want to do it forever. And when she started a home daycare center, that didn't work out too well either. There had to be a way to replace her full-time income, and suddenly, she found it in a random email for a blogging course. From there, Rosemarie enrolled in Elite Blog Academy (a His & Her Money favorite!), and this was just the beginning. It was a lot of work and dedication, but as her blog grew and grew, Rosemarie realized she was building a six-figure business - as a stay-at-home mom, no less!

Find Rosemarie at, and join her in taking the blogging world by storm!


  • How Rosemarie started her blog and steps she took to make it great
  • Investing in your blog, and why it's important
  • Different ways to generate blog income
  • Staying on track while building your blog and squashing discouragement


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