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When we compare ourselves to others, it's easy to get caught up in their successes, good fortune, and happiness. But when we focus on how much happier they are than us, how much more successful they are, and how much more money they have than us, it can make us feel worse about ourselves and our lives. Moreover, this can lead to jealousy, bitterness, and resentment. It can also lead us to make bad decisions that could ultimately hurt us financially, physically, and mentally.

But how do we stop ourselves from feeling bad about our own lives? How do we stop comparing ourselves to others and falling short? In this episode of The His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Nona Jones, an internationally renowned speaker, business executive, media personality, and ministry leader who overcame the trauma of childhood sexual abuse to achieve immense career success. Labeled a problem child at an early age, Nona has become a recognized voice of hope, healing, and inspiration, equipping women and girls worldwide to rise from their past pain into a fulfilling future through faith.

Nona explains killing comparison and living an abundant life. Furthermore, she talks about the story behind the book: Killing Comparison, the role that comparison plays in creating insecurity, recognizing bad comparison, and the difficulty of killing comparison. She also shares some insights on using social media as a tool to kill comparison and helping your family destroy negative comparisons. Tune in to learn more!


What You Will Learn 

  • The story behind the book: Killing Comparison
  • The role that comparison plays in creating insecurity
  • The difficulty of killing comparison
  • Recognizing a bad comparison
  • Bad comparisons in churches
  • Using social media as a tool to kill comparison
  • Helping your family kill comparisons
  • The biggest turning point in Nona’s life that lead to killing comparisons
  • Things you can do to start killing comparisons

Resources Mentioned

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