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We love a good debt-free story here at His & Her Money. To us, getting out of debt once and for all is the ultimate financial power move when it comes to taking control of your own life and not letting the finances get you all tied up. 

There are a lot of tough decisions you're going to have to make in life but deciding whether or not to start paying off your debt doesn't have to be one of them -- in fact, starting your journey towards financial freedom can open up more doors than you ever thought possible!

Today on the His & Her Money Show, our debt-free story of the hour comes from Lindsey Ralston, and not only is she a debt-free advocate, but she's all about helping others to refresh and renew their money mindset and get started on their way to success!

Lindsey is big on all things debt elimination and has so many tools under her belt to keep your finances in check, and think, save, and feel like a millionaire!



  • How Lindsey and her husband paid off their debt
  • Walking through your debt-free journey with faith
  • Common ways that we accumulate debt
  • Starting your debt-free journey as a couple vs. an individual
  • Thinking past bad financial advice and making smart decisions for YOUR life




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