The His and Her Money Show

In order for any married couple to become debt-free, it takes a great deal of teamwork and effort from both parties. Both husband and wife need to be moving in the same direction, trying to accomplish the same goal.

However, there have been many cases that we have encountered where one spouse was on board with the process, but the other was not. If you desire for your family to become debt-free, but you are working with a spouse who isn't trying to participate, then this episode of The His and Her Money Show is for you.

We interviewed Toni Husbands and she shared her insight on how you can get your spouse on board with becoming debt-free. Toni is living proof that there are ways to convince your spouse to join in on the process. She and her husband successfully eliminated six-figure worth of debt themselves. Her husband was not on board initially, but Toni figured out some sound strategies that eventually won him over.