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Financial planning is one area that causes a great deal of anxiety for blended families. Managing your blended family's finances, wills, beneficiaries, and legal issues can be confusing and even aggravating.

We all need basic tools and understanding to manage our finances, get out of debt, and start building the future we long for.

Ron Deal brings a practical and non-judgmental perspective to blended families' finances. He is a licensed marriage and family therapist and director of FamilyLife Blended™.

Ron Deal expertly and practically identifies common money traps that can cause serious financial, relational, and spiritual setbacks in blended families.

He gives the information to prevent these problems and achieve financial peace as a blended family.


What You Will Learn:

  • What Ron Deal means by “blended families.”
  • How to plan the use of money between couples
  • Traditional money advice for blended families.
  • How blended families should approach the topic of paying for college. 
  • How to approach blended families’ financial conversations
  • A glimpse of what to expect from Ron’s book on smart stepfamily finance guide.
  • Ron’s advice on initiating a financial conversation with a partner


Resources Mentioned:

Ron Deal’s Book: 

Connect with Ron Deal:

Family Blended Life Podcast

Summit on Stepfamily Ministry

Blended and Blessed

His and Her Money Show

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