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These are some trying times for all of us. With the COVID-19 outbreak sweeping the nation, everything in our lives is a little confusing right now, including our finances. We want you to know, we get where you're coming from, and today's guest is coming through to break it all down.

For this episode of His & Her Money, we've got a familiar face stepping up to the mic as Lynnette Khalfani-Cox joins us yet again.

Lynette is a financial coach and getting her back on-board for this important conversation was a no-brainer - she's one of our trusted allies in the financial community, bringing her own strategies and practical advice to the table so you're informed, you're prepared, and you're staying safe.

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  • Sorting out the facts vs. fiction surrounding the stimulus package
  • A step-by-step breakdown to unemployment
  • Lynette's insights on managing your money during a crisis
  • Slowing down and figuring out during quarantine
  • Empire-building for the future
  • Answering your questions on 41k loans
  • The importance of knowing your own finances, even if you have an accountant


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We've all heard about toxic people and relationships. Even if you don't realize it at first, not everyone in your life is going to be a positive influence and it's easier than you might think to miss the red flags of a toxic person in your circle. Sometimes we do notice, but we just don't want to act on it.

The His & Her Money Show isn't just a financial podcast - we're here to help you with life, marriage, and all things in between, and today's guest is here to do just that. Dr. Laura Dabney is a psychiatrist specializing in psychotherapy, and an expert on identifying toxic people and relationships and helping others figure out just what to do with them. Whether it's a friend, partner, or family member, there are steps you can take to distance yourself and either cut ties completely or put in some work to better the relationship.

Laura breaks it down for us with some invaluable tips for avoiding the negative influence of others and surrounding yourself with the positives. Her pearls of wisdom can apply to all sorts of situations - yes, even financially - and we hope you can implement them into your lives and break any toxic cycle you might find yourselves in.


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A sizable amount from a savings account and a small amount of money from a lawsuit settlement were the two methods that our guest today used to pay off her $62,000 debt in a little over a year. 

Kiara lost her job right when she had a plan to pay off her student’s loan debt in 8 years or maybe 5 years if she worked hard enough. But that suddenly took on a different turn when she suddenly got fired and she had to sue her former employer. 

Kiara shares how being an avid saver helped her pay off her debt faster even when she did not have a stable job. She also shares how the sacrifice of living at home helped her pay off her debt faster than most people.

Listen in to learn how Kiara has a principal of saving 10% of her income whether she is employed, underemployed or unemployed. You will also learn how she used the snowball method when consolidating her loans- which is basically paying off the smaller loans with the largest interests first.

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A couple needs to be on the same page when it comes to major decision making like paying off debt, which is what our guests today did to finally pay off theirs. 

Marek and Kothney-Issa were initially living life to the fullest, enjoying their marriage without caring about the debt. This was until Marek came across Dave Ramsey on the internet and brought the matter up with his wife. 

They share the strategy they used to pay off their $120k worth of debt in 24 months. They also share why they decided to live in a tiny house and why they believe it’s a good investment.

Listen in to learn why you might be spending more money than you need monthly and why you need to do the math to start paying off that debt. You will also learn how you can still have a strong marriage even when working multiple jobs.

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Cutting off expenses drastically, budgeting, and keeping a spending record were some of the major steps that saw today’s guest pay off her debt in less than 2 years. 

Tracie is a 100% self-employed freelance photographer who only got serious about paying off her $75,000 debt in August 2018. The overwhelming burden of debt prompted her to take the necessary action.

Tracie shares how being a self-employed entrepreneur with an unstable income became her excuse for making slow debt repayments. She also shares how listening to other people’s stories on the His and Her Money show brought her to the realization that she wasn’t doing enough to finish off her debt.

Listen in to learn how you can also pay off your debt even without a stable income. You will also learn how to raise your rates as a freelancer, and ask for what you deserve which might be of huge help in paying off that debt you owe.

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