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Do you think that the one thing that is holding you back from becoming debt-free, is that you don't earn a high income? Well, let today be the last time that you think that thought. We're going to prove to you that absolutely anybody, with any income, can buckle down and make debt freedom a reality for themselves and their family.

Today on The His & Her Money Show, we feature an interview with Bryant and Emily Adler from The Adler Debt Project. They share their story of destroying over $92,000 worth of debt in just 2.5 years! And the best part is that they were able to accomplish this on two teacher salaries. Their story is chalked full of determination and focus, which led them to achieve their financial goal of becoming debt-free.

Debt freedom is not mission impossible for you. People all across this great country of ours are setting off on their journey to become debt-free. Some people are at the start line, some have already crossed the finish line, and some people are right in the middle of their journey.

Today on The His & Her Money Show, we speak with Amy Robles. Amy stops by the show today to share her story of paying off $25,000 worth of debt in just 1 year! She speaks as someone who is right in the middle of her debt-free journey. Tune in to this episode and prepare to be enriched.

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If you are struggling with trying to figure out ways to cut back your expenses, then this episode of The His & Her Money Show is just for you. Today we talk with Rosemarie Groner from

She shares her story of how she was able to cut out over $23,000 from her family’s annual expenses. The best part of the story is that you can make some of the same moves that she made and come out with very similar results.

Today’s guest on The His and Her Money Show serves as a shining example of this new trend. In this episode, we interview Jeremy Jacobson from Go Curry Cracker, who has successfully retired while in his 30’s and is currently traveling the world with his wife and newborn baby. He shares exactly what steps he took to become fully retired at such a young age, and how you can follow in his footsteps.

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Are you sick and tired of being stuck in the same financial mess that you've been stuck in for years? If so, then you most definitely want to tune in to this episode of The His and Her Money Show. Today we're going to be outlining a plan that will help propel you to finally clean up your financial mess once and for all.

To assist today, we interview financial planner Dominique Brown from Your Finances Simplified. Dominique Brown is a husband, father, financial planner, author of the book How to Fix Your Credit and owner of S&D Capital Holdings. Dominique’s advice can be found on the Huffington Post, Business Insider, Yahoo, Madame Noir, HR Block, and Ebony Magazine.

Debt does not have to be a life sentence for you and your family. There are people all across the country who have finally gotten fed up with being in debt, and they're doing something about it. Today's guest on The His and Her Money Show is yet another shining example of this. 

In this episode, she shares her amazing story of how she and her family successfully eliminated $45,000 worth of debt in just 45 months. The most amazing part of their story is that they were not earning a high income during their debt-free journey. This story is full of ups and downs, but through hard work and dedication, Erika and Eric are now DEBT FREE!

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Have you taken the wise financial step of investing in your company's 401k plan? If you have not, then chances are you are throwing away free money for no reason. For a lot of people trying to figure out how to invest in a 401k or an IRA is so intimidating, that they chose not to participate at all. Research shows that only about 33% of employees are invested in the company's 401k plan and that is a very sad statistic.

To help you gain a better understanding of the details of both of these types of investment options, we brought on personal finance expert Barbara Friedberg from to help break it down for you. After you listen to this episode of The His and Her Money Show you will be fully equipped to go an invest in your future right away.

Every time you turn on the television, it seems there is a new case in which a major company's computer systems have been hacked, and people's personal information becomes compromised. Identity theft cases have been steadily increasing over the years, like at no other time in our history.

Today we speak with Becky Frost, from Experian's Protect my ID is an identity theft protection service backed by Experian, a trusted name in the finance industry.

Becky Frost is the Senior Manager of PR and Consumer Education for Experian Consumer Services, and she talks us through everything that you need to know to protect yourself from identity theft.

The journey to debt freedom is NOT an impossible mission. There are individuals and families all across the country who have taken the hard road towards debt freedom and have accomplished their goal. Part of our mission here at His and Her Money is to expose you to as many examples of debt freedom that we possibly can.
We continue that mission with today's episode of The His and Her Money Show with an interview with Lydia Senn from
Lydia outlines the journey that she and her family went on to successfully eliminate over $36,000 worth of debt in just 2 years! What makes her story even more amazing, is the fact that they were able to accomplish this while living on just one single income.
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Believe it or not, if you are in debt, then you are in the fight for your financial life. It's even bigger than a fight, it's an all-out war. The question that you need to be asking yourself right now is, are you winning the battle against your debt, or are you losing it?

To help you strategize and formulate a battle plan to win the war against your debt, we interviewed Jeff Rose from. Jeff Rose is the author of one of Soldier of Finance: Take Charge of Your Money and Invest in Your Future.

On this episode of The His and Her Money Show, Jeff breaks down the principles that are outlined in his fantastic book, to help you win the battle once and for all.

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Is your marriage thriving, or are you all just surviving? All too many times in marriage, we can easily drift apart and lose steam. It is important that husbands and wives make every effort to ensure that their marriage is progressing forward and not allow it to become stagnant.

Today's show is dedicated to helping equip you to build a better marriage. Today's show features a guest by the name of B.J. Thompson from We talk with B.J. today about The 4 Keys To A Flourishing Marriage. If your marriage could use a boost, then you definitely want to tune in.

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If you are burdened by the weight of your student loan debt, then this episode is just for you. Today we interview Zina Kumok from Conscious Coins, and she shares her story of how she successfully paid off all of her student loans in just 3 years!

Student loans do not have to be a life sentence of debt payments for you. Zina's story serves as an inspiration to any of you who have student loans, to know that you too can be debt free just like her.

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Personal finance can be a scary topic for some people. When you are knee-deep in debt, sometimes you feel like you are better off if you don't take the time to face the situation. You may feel like it's easier to stomach your money problems if you don't actually know how bad it really is. However, the truth is that in order for you to get to a place of financial freedom, you are going to have to face your financial fears head-on.

With that in mind, we reached out to Courtney Sanders to help us develop a plan to overcome being fearful of our current financial predicament. She outlines a 5 step guide that you can start using today, to conquer your fears, and move forward to a better place with your money.

Surely you've heard of the best selling book by Dr. Steven Covey entitled The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, haven't you?

The 'Seven Habits' are a remarkable set of aspirational and inspirational standards for anyone who seeks to live a full, purposeful, and good life. Steven Covey's Seven Habits help you develop personally and to become more effective in how you work and relate with other people.

Tiya Cunningham-Sumter took that same approach, in narrowing down habits that happily married people have in common. We brought Tiya on the show today to help us learn more about these habits, and how we can incorporate them into our marriages.

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The formula for debt freedom is a fairly simple one. You have to lower your expenses and find ways to increase your income. It's simple mathematics.

Today we're going to talk about the second half of that equation, and showcase some ways that you can increase your income. 

You all know that we encourage you to enter into "Hustle Season" in order to get rid of your debt once and for all. This is going to require that you pick up some extra income by doing side "hustles" in addition to your 9-5 gig.

To break down some ways that you can make this happen, we reached out to Nick Loper from Side Hustle Nation to share his expertise.

Do you desire to have a marriage that is overflowing with joy and happiness? Of course, you would? Nobody wants a marriage that is boring or even contentious. Although we all desire our marriage to be joyful, all too often we are not equipped to know how to bring that happy marriage to fruition.

In this episode of The His & Her Money show with speak with marriage and relationship experts Jerome & Deborah Mills to give us insight on creating happy marriages.

Deborah and Jerome have allowed their pain to become their passion. From the wounds of challenging childhoods to a rocky marriage – just like you they have a story that could bring you to tears. But it is through those tears that they have emerged, three children and one grandchild later, full of fire and passion to help you experience healthy thriving relationships.

Have you ever had a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach about your current financial situation? You just know that where you are now, is not where you want to be with your money. However, you're just not sure what you can do about it. We understand, and we have been in that place ourselves.

Demetrius and Karla Davis found themselves in this very situation as well. Today on The His and Her Money Show, they share their incredible story of making the life-changing decision to get themselves out of debt once and for all. So much so, that they paid off an astounding $125,000 in just 2 years!

Intimacy means lots of different things to different people. In marriage, intimacy is often desired but infrequently achieved. To help us all on this topic, we spoke with Tony & Alisa DiLorenzo, the founders of One Extraordinary Marriage.

They explain the 6 Forms of Intimacy that every couple needs to master, in order to create the extraordinary marriage that they desire.

Tony & Alisa are marriage educators, podcasters, speakers, and the authors of Stripped Down: 13 Keys to Unlocking Intimacy in Your Marriage and 7 Days of Sex Challenge. They specialize in helping couples take action and enjoy the commitment they desire in their marriage.

Have you been telling yourself that there is no way that you can get out of debt because you are a single parent? If that's you, then you most definitely want to tune in to today's episode of The His & Her Money Show.

In this episode, we speak with Rachel Gause, a Master Sergeant in The United States Marine Corps, and a single mom of three. She hasn't just paid off a little bit of debt, she's paid off a whopping $160,000 worth of debt! She wants to share her story so that others across the world can know that they can become debt-free too.

Do you feel that your debt load is too much to overcome? If you answered yes to this question, then you definitely want to tune in to this episode of The His and Her Money Show.

Today we feature a guest by the name of John Corcoran from Smart Business Revolution, to share his amazing story of erasing $610,000 of debt.

He walks us through the process that he went through step-by-step, in paying off such a massive amount of debt. This will definitely inspire you to get on board with becoming debt-free, as well.

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Being a parent is one of the most difficult and most important roles that any of us will fulfill. Since parenting is such a significant part that we have to play, then we have to make every effort to strive to become better at it.

Today's episode of The His and Her Money Show aims to do just that. We focus on the steps that we can take to properly raise our sons to become strong men.

We talk with author & speaker Jonathan Catherman about his book The Manual To Manhood. The Manual to Manhood is the how-to guide for guys seeking to gain respect, avoid embarrassment, and impress everyone!

Remember all of the fun dates that you and your spouse went on BEFORE you all got married? Why did that stop? More often than not, after we get married life begins to get in the way of us continuing to enjoy going on dates with each other.

This is unfortunate because the practice of spouses dating each other is a key component to a healthy marriage. To help us all out in finding out how to continue to date our spouse, we brought on marriage experts Step & Pamela King from

It is much easier to find excuses for not getting out of debt, then it is to persevere through the obstacles that stand in your way. Make no mistake about it, when you decide to get out of debt once and for all, obstacles will appear out of nowhere to stop you. After listening to this episode of The His and Her Money Show, you'll be much more motivated to push through on your debt-free journey, no matter what your current circumstances are.

Our guest today is Sandy Smith, from Yes I Am Cheap. She has had to endure many roadblocks including, unemployment and a car wreck, on her journey towards debt freedom. She is a shining example of the fact, that no matter what life throws at you, you have to keep moving forward if you're really serious about becoming debt-free.

In order for any married couple to become debt-free, it takes a great deal of teamwork and effort from both parties. Both husband and wife need to be moving in the same direction, trying to accomplish the same goal.

However, there have been many cases that we have encountered where one spouse was on board with the process, but the other was not. If you desire for your family to become debt-free, but you are working with a spouse who isn't trying to participate, then this episode of The His and Her Money Show is for you.

We interviewed Toni Husbands and she shared her insight on how you can get your spouse on board with becoming debt-free. Toni is living proof that there are ways to convince your spouse to join in on the process. She and her husband successfully eliminated six-figure worth of debt themselves. Her husband was not on board initially, but Toni figured out some sound strategies that eventually won him over.

Every married couple on the planet desires to have a successful marriage. Believe it or not, though, there is actually a process that every successful marriage goes through. This concept is summarized beautifully by our guests Jackie and Stephana Bledsoe.

They have rightfully deemed this process The 7 Rings of Marriage. Tune in to today's episode of The His & Her Money Show to find out exactly what those seven rings are and where you currently stand in your marriage.

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When it comes to your household finances, are you and your spouse more like business partners, or more like covenant partners? Married couples having separate bank accounts is a hot button topic no matter how you slice it. There is a great divide as to whether or not it is good practice for married couples to have "money on the side" apart from their spouse.

With that in mind, we reached out to a couple of experts on the matter. In this episode of The His & Her Money Show, we interview Derek and Carrie Olsen authors of the book, One Bed One Bank Account.  Derek and Carrie teach and train couples on marriage and money.

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In today’s episode of The His & Her Money Show, we speak with Aja McClanahan of Principles Of Increase. Aja has an amazing story of how she eliminated six figures worth of debt.

One of the most amazing parts of her story is how she and her family chose to move to the “Hood” to free up cash that they, in turn, threw at their debt.


What You Will Learn

  • The moment that Aja become completely fed up with being in debt.
  • Why Aja and her family decided to move to the “Hood” to jumpstart their debt-free journey.
  • Tips and Tricks that they used to find money to pay off their debt.
  • How she involved her two daughters in the debt elimination process.
  • How Aja is going about building wealth now that she is debt-free.

The road to financial freedom will undoubtedly have many twists and turns along the way. How you handle those curve balls that get thrown your way, will determine if you make it to the finish line.

Our featured guest on this episode of The His & Her Money Show was thrown a life-altering curveball, that led her to head down the path of debt freedom.

Courtney Carver of Be More With Less shares her incredible story of how a routine visit to the doctor's office changed her life, both physically and financially, forever.

The best way to speed up your debt freedom journey is to search out ways to make extra money on the side. There are so many ways out there that you can find additional income to help you accomplish debt freedom. Would you believe us if we told you that you could dig your way out of debt, by delivering pizzas? 

On this episode of The His & Her Money Show, we have a special guest who became debt free by doing just that. Deacon Hayes founder of Well Kept Wallet, shares his story of eliminating over $52,000 of debt by bringing in extra income through delivering pizzas. The incredible part is that he did it in just 18 months!

If you desire to become debt-free once and for all, then this episode of The His & Her Money Show is for you. We interviewed personal finance expert Kara Stevens from The Frugal Feminista to outline the Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide to Debt Freedom.

Kara successfully fought her way out of over $40,000 of credit card and student loan debt. Now she is working to build a community where women see the link between self-worth and net worth. This is an episode that you definitely do not want to miss!


What You Will Learn 

  • How to begin to view money differently.
  • How to start the debt freedom process.
  • Ways to increase your income with the minimal time commitment.


Resources Mentioned 

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live in a house that's completely paid off? Would the carpet feel better under your feet, would the grass begin to look greener too?

As you all know we are currently on a mission that we affectionately have titled "Operation Mortgage Elimination". Since we have eliminated all of our consumer debt, our entire focus is to eliminate all of our mortgage debt as well.

It may seem like a daunting task to some, and maybe even impossible to others, but we know for a fact that this mission can be accomplished! Believe it or not, there are people all across the country who have paid of their homes, and are living completely debt-free.

Today's episode of The His & Her Money Show shines the spotlight on one such person. We spoke with Kim Anderson of ThriftyLittleMom, and she shared her amazing story of paying off her home mortgage completely, in just 2 years!

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If you are truly serious about getting out of debt once and for all, then one of the first things you are going to have to do is cut back on your spending. This can be a daunting task for many, and seem like an impossible mission to accomplish.

You may feel as though your money is already tight, and how in the world are you going to find ways to cut back on your spending. If this is you, then this episode of The His & Her Money Show is one that you won't want to miss.

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Would you believe us if we told you that being broke, could actually be the best thing to happen to you? We're not talking about not having your daily needs met, but what if just having enough was actually...well enough.

On today's show, we're going to talk about the number one thing that is keeping you from enjoying a rich life. Our special guest today on The His & Her Money Show is Mark and Lauren Greutman from

Mark and Lauren were once buried in $40,000 worth of debt and were facing a car repossession, as well as a deficit of $1,000 in their budget every single month. They successfully paid off all of their debt and learned a super valuable lesson from being broke. You don't want to miss this episode!

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Being in debt sucks. Being in debt while losing your job, and facing health issues sucks even more. Despite all of these circumstances being in her life, Jen McDonough still found a way to persevere, and successfully eliminate $212,000 worth of debt and medical expenses.

Four years ago, Jen McDonough found her family hitting rock bottom when their son was diagnosed with a lifetime medical condition. They were devastated both financially and emotionally. During this very painful, embarrassing, and difficult time, they went through many obstacles in not only in their finances, but also in their relationships, health, and careers.

In this episode of The His & Her Money Show, Jen shares all of the details of her journey from being deep in debt, to totally debt-free in a matter of only four years. Her story is a powerful testimony that no matter what the odds are against you, becoming debt-free is totally possible.

In her current roles as a motivational storyteller, Amazon Top 100 author, and Internet radio show host, Jen McDonough aka The Iron Jen, motivates, encourages, and inspires audiences to overcome their obstacles to become their greatest selves.

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If your credit score is not at the level that you desire, then this episode of The His & Her Money Show is for you. We interviewed a credit expert by the name of Tonya Rapley, of, to share her advice on how to successfully raise your credit score.

Tonya Rapley is the Millennial Money Coach and has been deemed the “New Face of Wealth Building” by Black Enterprise Magazine.

Priding herself on being financially savvy and fabulous, Tonya became a Certified Financial Educator after improving her credit score by 130 points in 18 months and significantly growing her investment portfolio and savings. Upon realizing she had a knack for personal finance she embarked a mission to inspire others to take control of their future.

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On today's episode of the His & Her Money Show, we feature a great story from Carrie Smith of Careful Cents. She accomplished a major feat by eliminating $14,000 of debt in just 14 months!

Since that time, she has become an entrepreneur and found herself back in debt for the second time. Carrie shares her story and her plan to eliminate all of her debt for the second time around.

Carrie is a financial artist, writer, and the founder of Careful Cents. Her goal is to design a life that revolves around her passions and reducing the stress of the traditional workplace. She’s written for sites like Yahoo! Finance, The Huffington Post, and is the content editor and manager for several business blogs. 

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Credit card debt is something that most have experienced or are currently experiencing. You would be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't at least, have a couple of pieces of plastic in their wallet.

Unfortunately, the easy access to credit cards has left many people drowning in credit card debt. On today's episode of the His and Her Money Show, we have a special guest by the name of Grayson Bell from Grayson has successfully paid off $50,000 of credit card debt, to become completely debt-free.

He stops by today to share his story and offer advice as to how you can follow in his footsteps to become debt-free yourself. You can follow Grayson on FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest.

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Are you curious, as to whether or not banking with an internet-only bank is a viable option? Don't worry, you're not alone.

It seems like online-only banks have a mystique about them, which leads to both intrigue and trepidation. We personally have held savings accounts at various online-only banks, and have had nothing but positive experiences thus far.

To break down the ins and outs of banking with internet-only banks, we reached out to Erin Lowry to share her expertise. Erin is the founder of, where she uses sarcasm and humor to explain basic financial concepts to her fellow millennials. Erin lives in New York City and works for

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Student loan debt has a firm stranglehold on many people's financial futures. We know that many of you feel a great sense of hopelessness and despair, whenever the topic of student loan debt is even mentioned.

With that thought in mind, on this episode of  The His and Her Money Show we speak with a special guest by the name of Shannon Brown from, who successfully eliminated all of her student loan debt. The best part is, that she did it just 9 months!


What You Will Learn

  •  How just adding $39 a month to their debt payment fueled them to financial freedom.
  • How her family became debt-free despite only having one income.
  • Creative ways they were able to save money during the process.


Resources Mentioned

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Do you want to be wealthy? Of course you do, that's a no brainer, right? We all have ambitions to exceed our current financial situation, and end up being featured on the next episode of MTV Crib' that show even on anymore?

Speaking of celebrities, to gain some insight into what it takes to become wealthy, we reached out to the "Hip Hop Financial Advisor" Rob Wilson from

Rob Wilson is a financial advisor at an independent financial and investment advisory firm based in Pittsburgh. He received his bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh, and his Masters in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University. Some of his clientele include rapper Tyga, R&B/Rap artist Ryan Leslie, and NFL stars Hakeem Nicks, and Terrence Cody, just to name a few.

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Recently Dave Ramsey released a brand new book entitled "The Legacy Journey". Not only did we pick up the book, but we even went to see a simulcast of Dave speaking about The Legacy Journey live.

The material was so inspirational that we reached out to Dave Ramsey's team about coming on to break down what The Legacy Journey is all about. Fortunately for us, Pastor Chris Brown who is Dave Ramsey's expert on the topic of stewardship agreed to come on the show.

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No matter what age you are, the perfect time to get out of debt is right now. Don't fool yourself into thinking that you will start getting out of debt "one day". If you take on that mentality, that day will never come. If you think you are way too young to be worrying about your debt, today's show is just for you.

In today's episode of the His & Her Money Podcast, we have an interview with Jessi Fearon from She shares her phenomenal story of paying off over $30,000 of debt even before hitting the age of 30.

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If you have the desire to become debt-free, then you don't want to miss this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast. Today, we are talking with Laura Dobbins.

She has a phenomenal story of how she went from $40,000 worth of debt to $100,000 in her savings account, in just a two-year time frame! She shares her debt-free story from start to finish and offers her advice to help you to do the same.

Laura Dobbins is a Statistical Analyst in the Healthcare industry during the day, a blogger in the evening, and a mother and wife 24 hours a day.   Laura is married to the love of her life, Randy, and they have four children; Kelly, Lindsay, Faith, and Britton.

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One of the most common budget busters that we often come across, is that of shopping for clothing. We all love to look good and are oftentimes willing to pay a hefty price tag to stay fashionable. There is nothing wrong with staying fashion-forward unless it comes at the expense of your financial independence.

With that in mind, we brought in an expert to help us learn how to stay fashionable, and build wealth at the same time. Carrie Pink is a "Wealth Stylist" who has spent years studying personal finance and the emotional psychology of shopping.

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The journey to financial freedom is a very rewarding journey indeed. However, in order to reach your goal of becoming debt-free, you are going to have to go through a total of four seasons in the process. We like to call these seasons, "The Four Seasons Of Financial Freedom".

In this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast, we explain in detail what each of the four seasons is, and how you can make it through each one of them.

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Many people feel that the amount of debt that they are in, is too much to overcome. If that is you, then you definitely need to tune in to this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast.

In this episode, we interview Brian and Cherie Lowe, who successfully eliminated over $127,000 worth of debt in just 4 years. Their story serves as a true testament, that achieving debt freedom is completely possible, no matter what your current debt load is!

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For many of us, there are some fantastic business ideas that we have deep down in our hearts. All too many times, however, those business ventures that we want to pursue lead us towards one of two reactions. Either we launch out on our own too prematurely, or we never launch the business at all.

On today's show, we brought in an expert on the matter to give us some wisdom. Wade Harris successfully transitioned from being a Corporate employee of a Fortune 500 Company to becoming a nationally syndicated Radio Personality known around the world as DJ Wade-O.

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In this episode of the His & Her Money Podcast, we have a guest interview with Shannaan Dawda He shares his incredible story, of becoming debt-free by paying off over $26,000 worth of debt, in just 11 months! His story serves as an inspiration for us all to know that debt freedom is real, and it is very attainable.

An Atlanta Native, Shannaan Dawda graduated from Georgia Southern University in 2009 Cum Laude, with degrees in Accounting and Finance. He officially passed all parts of his Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam in February of 2013.


What You Will Learn

  • How Shannaan became entrenched in debt.
  • The moment that led him to want to achieve debt freedom.
  • The steps that were taken to become free.
  • The importance of knowing, "why" you want to get out of debt.
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In this episode, we dive into one of the most hard-hitting topics for the millennial generation, which is that of the student loan debt crisis. Research has shown that since 1999, student loan debt has increased by more than 500 percent!

Student loan debt has become such a financial burden to so many people, that we decided to call in an expert to give some guidance.

LaTisha Styles is a motivational speaker and millennial money expert for teaching simple finance for millennials. LaTisha has been quoted in Forbes and Mainstreet, featured in The Economist, and mentioned in US News as a top personal finance expert to follow on Twitter.

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The typical American family has about three to five bank accounts. Usually, it is a mixture of checking and savings accounts combined. We like to consider ourselves slightly above average when it comes to this statistic.

In fact, we have more than double the national average. To be more precise, we have a total of 13 bank accounts. Stay tuned to find out the break down of each of these 13 bank accounts

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