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In this episode of the His and Her Money Show, Talaat McNeely interviews world-renowned worship leader and author, Travis Greene. They discuss the importance of prayer, the impact of intentional living, and the significance of discipline in personal and spiritual growth.

Travis shares insights from his book, 'Are You Praying for the Wrong Thing?' and emphasizes the need for aligning prayers with God's will. Travis Greene shares his experiences with prayer, faith, and financial decisions, emphasizing the importance of faith, vision, and preparation. He discusses how prayer guided his decisions, including relocating and purchasing a church building.

Travis emphasizes the role of faith, preparation, and revelation in achieving manifestation and success. He also shares insights on the impact of prayer and the importance of aligning with God's plan.


  • The importance of aligning prayers with God's will
  • The impact of intentional living and discipline on personal and spiritual growth
  • The significance of stewarding relationships and time management
  • The value of quality over quantity in relationships
  • The role of discernment and sensitivity in spiritual leadership Prayer plays a crucial role in guiding financial decisions and navigating life choices.
  • Faith, vision, and preparation are essential for achieving success and manifestation.
  • Revelation and alignment with God's plan are key to experiencing the fullness of blessings and success.
  • Success is not solely defined by material wealth, but by obedience and alignment with God's purpose.
  • The impact of prayer and the importance of faithfulness and stewardship in financial decisions.
  • The significance of being prepared and having a clear vision in achieving manifestation and success.

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