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In today's episode of His and Her Money Show, we are joined by Bola Sokunbi, the Founder of Clever Girl Finance and the author of the book: Choosing to prosper.

Bols talks about how people can examine their financial and personal dreams and find the strength and resilience needed to achieve them.

She explains the importance of community in the journey to prosperity, the meaning of her book title: Choosing To Prosper, and the first step to take when choosing prosperity. Tune in to learn more!

What You Will Learn:

  • The meaning of her book title: Choosing To Prosper
  • Using underestimation as a fuel for success
  • Tips to overcome external obstacles in the journey to prosperity
  • Bola’s story that sharpened her financial journey
  • Getting money and managing the money well
  • Creating generational wealth
  • The first step to take when choosing generational wealth
  • Having financial conversations with your partner
  • Getting the motivation to go on when you are at the top of your game
  • The importance of community in your journey to prosperity

Resources Mentioned

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